Accessories for the bride and groom

You both love the fine things and the luxury, the quality being the basic criterion after which you guide your picks and it doesn’t matter of what aspect we’re speaking: furniture, cosmetics, clothing or vacations.

That’s why besides the wedding dress and the groom’s suit you have to pay attention to the accessories that are going to complete your trousseau up to the finest details.

accessories for the bride and groom

In the following lines we’re going to confer you some hints in what concerns manners in which you can look unique and emphasize just how fine your tastes are.
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Let’s start with simple wedding rings.

The wedding rings are the symbol of your union, and from the wedding day they’re like a card that expresses your preferences in what concerns jewelry. You prefer something simpler, opulent and luxurious or something classic? The tendencies in what concerns the wedding rings indicate that in their pick we have to guide on the principle less is more. The thin wedding rings or of platinum with different applications or totally with crystals or diamonds for it, or for the same type of material they’re simple and maybe with a single stone.

Pearls or crystals?

If the wedding dress that you decide to apply for is romantic and realized of lace or any other fabric without having details that shine, like pieces of jewelry you can opt for a classical necklace pearl with natural ones, which is combined with a pair of earrings made also of pearls. In change, if the wedding dress has applied on it crystals, then the jewelry set that you’re going to wear in the wedding day has to be also made of crystals or diamonds.

accessories for the bride and groom 2

The accessories of the groom!

The accessories that are admitted to a groom are the bow tie, the belt, the pair of buttons on the shirt and of course the wedding ring. We recommend applying for a tailor shop that realizes premium suits or sur mesure, which are going to be able to dress the groom in a finer and exclusivist manner. To this costume, the belt and the bow tie are perfect accessories. And for the buttons worn by the groom, they’re also appropriate for the wedding ring of the bride and a plus of luxury, there’s also the option of applying for a model of buttons with encrusted stones.

One of the most important accessories that the wedding wears in her wedding day are the wedding shoes and this is due to the fact that you’re going to stay with them on about 15 hours – besides the fact that they have to be pretty they also have to be comfortable and make sure that you’re going to attach them perfectly for the wedding dress.