The most important wedding of the century – the royal wedding

The wedding of the century, the royal wedding that is, ought to remain in the collective memory for some time now! Not only are you able to see on the news details concerning this marvelous ceremony, but in the same time, we have to admit that many brides will get their inspiration from the details of this very well known ceremony. After all, it’s not such a bad thing to feel like a princess in the most important day of your life.
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Of course, the rules in your wedding are not going to be that strict as those in the real royal wedding ceremony, but you can get your inspiration concerning the wedding cake or maybe the wedding dress that Kate Middleton wore in the most important day of her life.

We know that you are curious in what concerns all the details of the wedding reception and not only and this is why we have gathered some ideas that concern the royal wedding and placed them together in such a manner as to end up with a really interesting review.

First of all, there was the wedding dress….

You know just how much fuss there was created surrounding her wedding dress, don’t you? Well, you know very well that the bridal gown was made in secret and all the details were kept in this way, up to the moment in which she appeared in front of the public in her wedding day!

Kate Middleton wedding dressCredit
Kate Middleton wedding dress

We have observed how lots of designers tried to make a sketch on how the wedding gown ought to look like and the most successful hunch and sketch was that of Reem Acra. The main rule for the bridal gown of a princess is that it cannot be designed with the shoulders uncovered, it’s a strict rule and it seems that it was respected this time as well and the bridal piece worn by the princess is indeed realized in a modern, yet classic way!

From the bridal gown, we jump to the royal wedding invitations

The list of guests in the royal wedding is all about important people and lots of personalities who make the difference on the global scene, these characters next to the closest relatives and friends of the bride and groom’s.

Royal wedding invitationCredit
Royal wedding invitation

The queen was the person who engaged that the wedding invitations were sent in the right place and that all the important people in the life of the bride and groom attended the most important wedding of the century.

The wedding rings of Kate and William

The material from which the wedding rings were made of is a traditional one, gold that is taken from the North Wales region. Not only is this type of gold specific to the royal family, but it seems to be three times valuable than the gold taken from Australia or even South Africa. Prince William is not a fan of jewelry, so he decided that he is not to wear a wedding ring, in this way he broke the tradition.

Royal wedding ringCredit
Royal wedding ring

The means of transport for the princess

This part is really important, because such a wedding ought to be admired by the entire globe, as it happened in this case as well…. This meaning that the bride has to be admired by all the people on her way to the church and also, the most expected part is to see her dressed in the bridal gown that has created in such a big secrecy.

Royal wedding limo
Royal wedding limo

The people remained astonished when the princess appeared in her gorgeous bridal gown and accompanied by her father and in the car of the queen. This was a moment of emotions and you can certainly feel a positive vibe transmitted from her side!

The wedding cake of the royal wedding

Well, the wedding cake, which in fact can be called a royal wedding cake was designed, as well as the other details, custom made, because it’s after all the most important wedding of the century that we are talking about, remember? And also, this is not a matter of money, it’s a matter of showing and emphasizing the good taste and how important are details for such an event.

Royal wedding cakeCredit
Royal wedding cake

Like in the case of the wedding cake, it was designed accordingly to the preference of the princess and designed in 8 layers. Not only this, but also, it was a wedding cake that was all about details and in the same time adorned with details that were taken from the interior of the palace, as to make it look like a part of the furniture there – in order not to make a distinctive tone.

The ingredients of this wedding cake were mentioned, but not entirely, Fiona Cairns, the confectioner, preferred to maintain some details a secret.