Story of the garter

The garter has its origin far away in time exactly in the Paleolithic period. In some images one can observe dancers wearing garters. Some of the science people have established a tie between the bride’s garter and the goddesses that offered special powers….

Bride garters

If in Prehistory the garter was a symbol of the magic powers, it also offered as well a social status in the old cult of the witches.

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Later on, the myths have transformed her in a magic amulet through all the legends and the fairytales with good goddesses from the European cultures where she appears.
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In conclusion, the garter is a symbol of mystery and most of all, of virginity. Accordingly to the symbols of colors, it’s also told that blue and white are the symbol – colors of love, purity and fidelity.

The future brides are, encouraged to wear garters in these colors….

The Order of the Garter is one of the most important orders in the British cavalry and one of the most prestigious in this world, it’s considered as recognition of supreme fidelity and the military order.

This military decoration has been inspired from an incident that that took place in the 4th century while the King of England Edward the 3rd was dancing with the Salisbury countess and the countess’ garter fell on the floor and before the king observing it got attached to his leg.

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The garter was a silk band, embroidered with gold roses and with golden silk threads. In this order, the garter is worn by ladies on their left arm and knights used to wear them lower than the left knee.

In our days the tradition of the bride’s garter has its roots back in time, when in some European countries, the guests offered money to the bride in order to participate to the new way of the couple and she used to store the money in the garter. The traditions have changed and now the custom of the garter is lost slowly and it’s transformed in a juicy game.

The groom has to take of the garter with his teeth from the bride’s leg after throwing her towards the bachelor in his back. Like in the case of the bridal bouquet the one that catches the garter is going to be the next one whom is going to get married. In some regions, the man that caught the garter places it on the leg of the bridesmaid who caught the bridal bouquet.

These traditions are interesting to be read about and we’re sure that you may have a general idea in what concerns some of the things presented in our review.