Means of transport for your wedding day 2

We were talking about means of transport for your wedding day and we’re back with this subject, because it seems pretty interesting to us and to you as well- at least, that’s what we think. There are so many ways in which you can be special in that particular day: you can do it through the way in which you arrange all the stuff for it or through this particular part of the entire wedding, but there are many other things that you can do and be different from others.

Throughout the time we’ve suggested some things that can make you different from other couples and through our pieces of advice we hope to have caught your interest in a way or another. But returning to our subject let’s mention some things that are going to sound interesting to you and really great in the same time, because these are really useful in the same time…..

means of transport for your wedding day 2

So, we mentioned also something about an antique car in our previous article. Well, let’s get back with this suggestion and mention about a car that is ripped from the 19th century and is looking really interesting in the same time. You can adorn this car with wavy pieces of fabric or with different other elements that recall of a gorgeous wedding. Indeed, it’s kind of expensive to rent such a car, but it’s definitely worth doing it.
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You know the story with the card plate in the back side of the car with “just married”, well you can apply it for all the means of transport that were mentioned up to this moment and don’t forget about the tin cans as well!

If you really want to be special and act special you can do it through riding different cars. How about two Smart cars that represent you: the groom and the bride. One can have big lips in front of it and a veil with a tiara on top, the other car should represent the groom with a bow tie and a hat on the superior side. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

You can rent a really fast car for your wedding day and if you can afford it, buying one is a good option as well. How about that? Well, not all can afford buying such a car, but renting one for your special day doesn’t seem a bad idea at all.

Our last suggestion is a chariot. Make sure that the horses look really clean and pretty and that you choose them….