Vintage testimonials 2

We’re going to continue with the topic regarding the vintage testimonials, because we felt like we didn’t give you enough examples regarding this topic! So remember, in order to have a nice vintage wedding you have to solve all the details up to the wedding testimonials that need to look vintage also!


A fine example of vintage testimony is a transparent plastic box that has buttons inside it! Yes, golden buttons with tons of details on them! You can go and buy these buttons and also try to find coins! Coins also look vintage if they’re placed together with buttons! On the cover of the box make sure you place a nice ribbon, really shiny that is tied up in a bow! And here you have another great example of vintage wedding testimony!
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Another fine example is a cardboard card that has a vintage motif on it together with your thanks for the person that came to your wedding. Let’s mention that together with this card you have a transparent sack that has in its interior a nice coin or something with a vintage theme on it! Make sure that the sack is made of transparent material in order for the guest to see his or her “gift”.


You can have also two biscuits that have some face figures on them! The details placed on these biscuits are important; these confer the vintage air…. Place these two biscuits in a nice round plate, simple yet elegant and you’re done! Here’s your vintage testimony!

You can have also some small figurines that imitate angels. You may now think that angels don’t seem really vintage to you…. Well, they can be vintage if you place the right motifs on them! the color is also important: these figurines can be white, ivory, gray or golden, these are the colors that seem to give the most of the vintage aspect!

Cockades and badges can be also vintage! Have some badges with some retro faces and place them at the bottom of a glass or even near the vesselles! For these there isn’t a specified color, you can have what color you like, just make sure there’ some white here and there…..


Cars can look really great as testimonials! And how s that? Well you can have some cars drawn on biscuits and after place a biscuit on a nice plate! Make sure that the cars aren’t too modern! Draw some classical models of cars and the vintage aspect is guaranteed! Get ready to have a really nice vintage wedding with all the details established “from head to toes”!

As you can see the vintage mood seems to be very inspiring and you can have all sorts of details that have at basis retro motifs! It is clear that this field will always inspire us and that we want more and more of the past to be present in the future and in our present times!