Roles of the best man

The best man also known as the groomsman is considered to be one of the most essential attendants in the wedding ceremony. In the UK the best man is also known as the usher. This character of the wedding is usually picked among the best friends of the groom’s or between the relatives and it should be considered as an honor to be picked for having such a role.

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Roles of the best man

In larger ceremonies you’re most common to see a larger number of best men involved in the ceremony and these are also picked among the relatives and friends. The main role of the best men is to lead the guests to their seats and make sure that everything works properly during the wedding. In case you don’t like the idea of the best man to lead the guests to their seat, there’s also the situation in which you can hire ushers especially and these are meant to guide the guests to their seats.
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What’s the best man’s main role?

First of all, the best man has to help the guests find their placed before their wedding ceremony and they have to stand next to the groom while the wedding ceremony takes part. This is the main role of these characters….

There are also parts of the wedding in which the best man can get involved if he wants to, like the bachelor party – he can make a surprise bachelor party or he can organize it together with the groom.

Another thing that we want to add is that the best man has such a role as to make sure that the bridesmaids don’t remain unaccompanied or the guests as well. You might say that the best man can be called as a sort of entertainer, but not in a negative way. Being the best friend of the groom he has to be willing to help him in whatever he asks him! We know that it sounds kind of harsh, because he has to stay with eyes wide open so that everything goes right. Certainly, the bride and the groom are more stressed than the best man so that’s why he has to be more relaxed because his tasks aren’t that hard.

Besides these roles of the best man, there are others that need to be mentioned, like:

  • The fact that he has to assist as a legal witness to the wedding that takes place at the city hall.
  • The best man speech: being the best friend of the groom he has to say some nice words as well…. Don’t think that he’s only one to do it; the maid of honor has to make it as well.
  • The last role that we need to mention about is the fact that the best man has to keep safe the rings for the wedding!