Pillows for wedding rings

As we’ve mentioned before, we talked about different aspects but we didn’t succeed in covering all the small details, but step by step we’re going to solve this problem! Today we’re going to present you some models of pillows on which you place the wedding rings! Certainly we didn’t talk about this matter so now it’s the good time for doing it!


Our first suggestion is a white pillow, really fluffy covered with satin and a shiny black ribbon placed around it and that ends with a bow! This example is so fine, so simple and elegant in the same time. You’ll be able to place the wedding rings there without any problems!
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The next suggestion is a small pillow covered in material with stripes and that has on one part a button placed there! Make sure you put the two wedding rings there tied with a nice ribbon and you won’t have any problems in loosing the rings!

Another example is a blue pillow with satin material on it and with a flower nicely embroidered there! Place a thin ribbon there and make sure there is a chromatic effect with the colors used on the pillow, on the embroidery and the ribbon!


Pink and black will always be successful in a combination! Combine a black pillow with a pink ribbon and the effect is guaranteed! Place the weddings there and the ceremony can begin!

You can also have a vintage pillow, you know! A knitted material on the outside of the pillow together with a nice flower with some knitted laces on it…. These elements all combined will look great!


You can have also a pillow with marine motifs on it! Make a pillow from white and blue material, get some clams or shells and stick them on it! On one side you can place the wedding rings and this detail will be in perfect coordination with all the wedding elements!

You can have a satin brown pillow and place a semi transparent fabric on the outside! On one corner place a nice flower made of marbles and ribbons and put the wedding rings in the ribbons, and that’s it!

Who said that an onion can’t look like a pillow? Search for a pillow that has this shape and place the rings inside the upper part of this pillow! Nobody will notice that you have a pillow shape accessory at your own wedding!


A simple pillow can be made by your mother by knitting a material and tying it together in a pillow shape! The perfect color is white! Place in one side of the pillow a bow made of a nicely colored ribbon and after you can place the rings near the bow too!