The maids of honour and the best man

The best man is an important piece of the puzzle named wedding. This “character” is as important as having a beautiful cake or choosing a nice place for the party to take place! The best man can be compared with the maids of honor!


The groom chooses the best man from his best friends, and he can be his best friend! The best man carries the wedding ring with him and sits beside him in every moment of the ceremony!

The best man is usually dressed in an elegant gown, not too flashy, not to make the groom look inferior dressed or less glamorous!
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The maids of honor are usually three in number, are also chosen from the circle of friends of the bride! They come before the bride and her father appears in the church, they are dressed in the same color and each one carries a nice bouquet, their dresses are the same and they all look alike!

As you can see the best man and the maids of honor are important “elements” in the organization of the wedding, they are key elements, because they`re present at every wedding!


Here is an offer for how can the best man look like: he can wear a nice suit, and have an element that`s in the same nuance of the maids` dresses or even a flower that is encountered in their bouquet! It is important that these two parties unite in a way or another, because after all, they come from the same circle of friends of the bride and groom! His tie can be in a contrasting color to his entire gown! No matter what he chooses to look like and what to wear, he must look perfect near the groom and to catch the guests` attention!

The maids of honor are dressed in similar gowns, as mentioned before, and they must see what color suits the three of them and come to an agreement, the bouquet can be made of combined flowers, depending on their tastes! They need to choose their dress according to how does the bride`s dress look like, maybe make the dresses in the same cut or take some elements from the bride`s dress! If the bride has a fairy tale look alike dress, they can also apply for such dresses in two pieces, a corsage and a puffy skirt! If they choose this model, they must apply for a fade color, maybe pink or blue, not matter what color, but they must make sure it has a sweet appearance!


The best man and the maids of honor need to look flashy but not too glamorous because it`s not their wedding, they need to look in the chart on the second place, after the bride and groom!