Solutions for the transport in the wedding day

When it comes to the transport at the wedding you don’t have any way of failing if you think of an impeccable limousine, shiny, which carries you as the couple. Try taking into account some other means of transport for the wedding day, because this idea with the limo at the wedding is kind of boring, it’s a cliché….

solutions for the transport in the wedding day

For examples your guests can come with a minibus or a bus while you can come with a vintage chariot which is carried by a horse or you can apply for a vintage car as well. No matter on what you decide as means of transport you have take into account some of these future tips that we’re sharing with you in the lines to come.
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Make sure that you find solutions for the transport matter some months before the wedding. Browse on the internet or through known people some firms that are professional. Accordingly to the number of guests you’re going to know for sure how many cars you need for the big day.

Make sure that for you and the groom is a separate means of transport and that one should be special. In order to find a minibus for the guests try to search for some options on the internet related to the possibilities that are in your town.

When you choose a company, make sure that you take into account some aspects, like the taxes that you have to pay and the time in which you rent the means of transport, if the takes for parking are paid in addition and they’re included in the price, if you have any discount made or what chauffeur you’re going to have, what car is going to transport you, if they have license…. These are the things that need to be taken into account and in a contrary case you have to apply for another firm. It’s great to have some details of precaution because you don’t have to have unpleasant situations in the big day.

solutions for the transport in the wedding day 2

How is the chauffeur going to be dressed like? This is indeed an important aspect that can ruin your wedding if it’s not accordingly with the clothes that you’re wearing and with the entire wedding décor, or it can bring a plus of charm and personality to your wedding. In the majority of cases of the firms there’s the two pieces suit, the classical costume is the standard, but you can ask for a more elegant suit if you want to, like a dress coat or something like that – this is in case you want him to appear in your wedding album as well.

solutions for the transport in the wedding day 3

If you have some friends that applied for such a firm at their wedding, don’t hesitate to contact them, ask them what they’re experienced and how was the firm like, how much did they pay for the services, how the chauffeur behaved and how serious is the firm. Visit that particular firm and “study” the market in the same time as well.