Evening gowns for the mother of the bride or mother of the groom

In most of the cases the mother of the bride or mother of the groom apply for darker toned dresses and they do it due to their age and silhouettes. Well, it’s a wrong and preconceived idea – in the big day of your son or daughter you have to offer the best of you and how else can you do it than by the use of a gorgeous evening gown?!

For this moment, we would like to share some evening gowns, which are realized in darker tones just how you want them, but in the future time we recommend you to dare as much as possible! Yes, you have to dare in order to obtain a great look….

Source: http://www.jasminebridal.com/J_3_1_1_1.aspx?sqno=JPN20110317&j_style_no=STYL20080821008&j_line_no=LINE20080821021&j_line_season=B

Darker tones make every body look thinner and it’s the visual effect that every woman wishes for. Sometimes you may be wrong concerning your body, it can just be normal looking for your age and height.
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The first suggestion of dress for the mother of the bride that we have to share with you consists of a black one, which is realized in black tone, but you can also encounter it in other dark tones. This one is realized in A style and with a very well delimited waistline that has a jewelry application in the front side. The other detail that we want to mention about is this V neckline piece, which is in the same manner in the front as in the back side – with this cleavage. If you feel too uncovered then you can apply for a bolero in order to cover your arms and shoulders.

Certainly you’re going to be admired by most of the guests attending your daughter’s wedding!

Continuing in the same “dark” tone at the level of the mother of the bride outfits, here’s an interesting model which is made of taffeta with a jacket and thin straps. This particular model is done with embroidery on the surface of the bodice and ruched details around the waistline. The skirt is long down to the floor; let’s not forget about the sweetheart neckline that is meant to emphasize the bust area in a pretty manner….

Source: http://www.jasminebridal.com/J_3_1_1_1.aspx?sqno=JPN20110288&j_style_no=STYL20080821008&j_line_no=LINE20080821021&j_line_season=B

As for the part with covering the arms and shoulders, there’s the possibility of doing it through the use of a jacket, which is most common done in the same type of fabric as the rest that’s used in the evening gown and in the same color tone.

The evening gowns that the mother of the bride or mother of the groom can take into account can be encountered in a big range: from ones that are designed in a modern way to others that are classy, but have a special thing about them in the same time.