Wedding rituals

Although a wedding can be considered a linking ritual between the countries of this entire globe, each one of these have a different perspective concerning it and in the same time you have to know that they’re adapted from a generation to another.

In other words there are so many differences between weddings worldwide and we’re going to try taking into account such rituals that are not going to be unknown to you.

The process of globalization can be now observed worldwide and it has controlled the entire globe, these traditions specific to each country have been taken by other countries as well.

wedding rituals

Don’t feel too amazed that in an English wedding you observe an Indian ritual and so on and so forth…. These are elements and details, which shouldn’t make you, wonder anymore.

In order to satisfy your curiosity and for getting inspired we’ve chosen some of the most interesting traditions that can be found worldwide.
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The Mehndi ritual is the first thing that was taken into account….

So, this ritual has Indian and Pakistani roots and it’s realized in the night before the most important day in the life of the bride. A henna artist or a family member applies to the bride and the bridesmaids, tattoos on the hands and on legs.

The tattoo can represent different designs, like floral, circles, elephants and different other animals, in the back of the tattoo you can see hidden the name of the groom who has to search for it for a demonstration of the love that he feels for the bride. Mehndi represents the bride’s beauty and the love of the new couple. This tradition is a fun mode for celebrating in the bride’s household together with the relatives and friends of feminine sex in a night full of good food and music.

El Lazo” is a tradition specific the people with Spanish origins. While the vows are read, the chain is placed for the first time on the shoulders of the groom and then they’re placed in an 8 shape and it’s tight on the bride’s shoulders.

wedding rituals 2

A long thread with pearls, a lace with flowers or a satin cord can be used as this “lazo”. This chain represents the unity of the new couple and their connection in their marriage, the bond that is established between the two. If you want to feel this beautiful tradition in your ceremony, you have to ask someone dear to you to realize this ritual. Surely he or she is going to feel honored!

These are only two of the rituals that you can encounter worldwide and we consider these among the most popular. If you didn’t know about them, now you’re going to know for sure in what these consist!