First dance hints 3

In the moment you’re trying to learn the dance you definitely have to keep in mind how does your partner move and how does she or he feel the music. In this case you don’t have to try to demonstrate him or her that you’re the best dancer.

The duration of the song is pretty important. And how is that? Well, you wouldn’t want your guests to get bored, would you? Choose a song that doesn’t last more than 3 minutes because the public will get bored and this isn’t that great. Also, dancing for more than 3 minutes will be boring and exhausting, so thing of these two perspectives in order to have a brilliant first dance.

Think of your first dance as a speech: in order for it to be successful it needs to be short and captivating. These are things that you have to keep in mind in order to be successful in what you do. Also, think of it as a gift for your guests and they wouldn’t want you to bore them or to torture them through paying attention too much.

If you like a song that lasts more than 3 minutes you can ask the DJ to cut it or to fade the sounds in order to make it last a small amount of time.

In case you don’t want a dance just for you two, proceed in this way: you, as newlyweds start the dance and make sure that the rest of the party joins you somewhere in the middle or something like that.

The ideal time for practicing and learning your dance is 6 months ahead of time. If you think that this isn’t possible then 3 months would be ideal: it takes time to learn those steps and how to synchronize. You can make a lot of changes just before your wedding if you feel that something doesn’t suit you. These are essential things when it comes to learning and practicing your first dance. There are a lot of sites that offer you dance lessons and they require about 5 hours of dance in order to learn all the steps.

Also, if you want to involve the closest ones in your dance you have to invite them to take some dance lessons together and learn some moves –these are basics and permit a well organizing of the entire thing.

Try to rehearse as much as possible because it will be easier for both of you to dance in your wedding day and to feel comfortable with the moves that you’re doing. We recommend you to rehearse at least once a week….