First dance tips

If you browse on different video sites on the internet you’re going to see that there are a lot of recordings with special dances that have been directed for weddings. Some of them have been considered as being really hilarious, some make you admire those dancing and so on…. Do you think that you can be able of doing this? Well why not? Take your partner and start preparing your dance before the wedding takes place, but take your time and you can be certain that all the details are going to be perfect, make sure that you take into consideration all the future pieces of advice and we promise that you’re going to get advantage of the most successful first dance!

first dance tips

Here are some hints that will make the first a special one and pay attention to what we’re exposing here in order to make this part of the wedding a really important one. So, first of all you have to try to incorporate the dance in the theme of your wedding. It’s true that a waltz is really appropriate for your wedding no matter what the theme of the wedding is, you should opt for something more appropriate when it comes to your wedding. Depending on the general theme you can choose something really different form what your guests are expecting from you. For example, for the traditional dances you can apply for a popular way of dancing or for the rock and roll theme you can adopt choreography like Elvis’.
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You can also offer a tribute to someone in your wedding day and with a little gesture, like a dance made in the honor of a guest or to the parents of godfathers you can change your relationship with that particular person.

You know that the parents are usually very fond of folk music? Choose a song that will impress them in a pleasant manner and if you realize something concessive with the song, you can personalize that particular dance. It won’t be a hard task at all!

first dance tips 2

Are you a fan of Michael Jackson or we don’t know what boy band in the ‘90s? Well, how about convincing your partner to realize a choreography that was really similar to the dances that you used to make when you were youngsters?

It doesn’t have to be a complex dance, you only have to revive some memories in your heads and in the heads of those that are attending your wedding and you can be sure that they’re going to dance with you as well!

Do you want something really special for that particular day? You should definitely discuss with the bridesmaids and the best men and make a special something. The more elaborate is it going to be, the more success you’re going to have. You don’t have to stress too much, it’s important that you remain with a really nice memory….