First dance hints 4

Knowing the song by heart is a great thing for the first dance. Choreographers suggest that you rehearse sometimes the moves without music, because in this way you’re going to learn the moves better. Try this while you don’t have any activity to do and just imagine the song, play it in your head. It’s a good exercise and really effective in the same time.

Making mistakes is a normal thing and you don’t have to loose your patience. Take you partner and rehearse as much as you can. Also, you can learn from each other’s mistakes and end up with a really great first dance.

During the dance lessons you can take an hour break and breathe in the absence of the partner’s presence. It can be really stressful to stay with that person for hours and hours and trying to do a simple dance. Also, there can start some fights from here. Our suggestion?! Be as calm as you can and please don’t be rude to each other.
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In planning your first dance and thinking of the moves that you will do take into account what you’re going to wear when you’re performing it –see if you’re going to feel comfortable when you move and dance.

Cheek how long is your dress. Make some fittings and check its length and if it’s likely for accidents to happen. In case these are due to happen, cut it and do some adjustments. Be careful with the length of the high heels as well, because you wouldn’t want to trip. These are details that clearly need to be taken into account.

The wedding train is also a big problem, because you may stumble into it while you’re performing the dance. What needs to be done in this case? Well, you should definitely have the option of pinning it up to the veil or somewhere on the shoulder for a short while!

Another thing that needs to be taken into account is the fact that your dress should fit in a way or another with the dance that you’re performing. If you wear a princess wedding gown, be sure that the song on which you’re dancing has a little bohemian side.

Regardless to the dress we hope also that it isn’t too tight; please make sure that you breathe in it, because you’re going to encounter a lot of problems while you’re dancing. Keep in mind that if you want to wear a particular dress, which is uncomfortable, make sure you tell your choreographer that you can do particular movements and he will feel enchanted to help you and offer you a range of movements that will be suitable for the dress that you decide to wear.