Wedding toast suggestions

Wedding toasts are usually made by the groom and bride’s best friends to show their congratulations for the new formed couple – the new family or how you may like to name them. In all the cases, you’re going to see the best man talking about the groom or the made of honor making the wedding toast. We sincerely recommend them to drink a glass a champagne before doing this so that they don’t get overwhelmed by feelings – because like it or not, wedding toasts are full of feelings, but in the same time they have to be entertaining.

In most of the cases, the wedding toasting is done in a brief manner, which seems the most common way of getting rid of emotions or the other overwhelming impressions. In case you’re looking for a short wedding toast, we recommend you to take into account our gallery of good thoughts and wishes, which are ideal for celebrating the new communion, that of the bride and groom!

Wedding toast suggestions
Wedding toast suggestions

There are some cliché texts that you can take into account at the level of wedding toasting, but you should add a personal touch to this speech in case you want to be successful in what you do. We’re suggesting some ideas that can be used for wedding toasts and wedding toasting in general, that’s why the following lines contain helping hints for making such a speech.
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So, generally a wedding toast can be done with a touch of humor: you can relate to the bride who shares now everything with her husband and include the idea of housework as well. your guests are going to laugh and smile at this funny idea.

You can be funny and romantic in the same time and relate to the fact that he fell in love, and lost his heart, but kept his head where it should be kept.

Make a toast for both of them and wish them good luck and that they remain in love their entire life.

You can apply for wedding toasting texts that are taken from different plays, like in the case of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet “May a flock of blessings light upon thy back”.

Also, there’s the situation in which you can take some rhymes or verses from poetry and read them serenely – this can be your wedding toast.

We think that each one of these situations is a good way to make a wedding toast and in the same time catch the interest of those surrounding you. We’re sure that you may have a general idea on how such a speech is made, but don’t forget to be funny in the same time – it works all the time!