Wedding traditions

Traditions regarding wedding are different from country to country, and region to region! As peculiar as they may seem for some of us they are only meant to wish a happy couple life, prosperity and richness!


In Scotland we heard of a strange tradition, in which the bride is taken from her household and her body gets dirty with a lot of strange things, like mud, yolk or feathers and she is taken from place to place and after all these processes she is given a whistle to call her husband that is supposed to save her! Just imagine if her husband doesn`t hear her desperate call… poor of her!

Another interesting thing is that of smashing the vessel and putting the couple to clean the mess, with this gesture the two newlyweds are believed to learn how to be united and ready to help one and other! Another interesting feature of the Germans is that of wearing the wedding ring on the right hand (this is out of topic, obviously)!


One of the most weirdest traditions can be found in China and it`s named “zuo tang”, which means staying in the hall room, the future married bride has to cry daily, at the sunset for about 10 days and after this period her mother will do the same thing and after another 10 days her granny will come and also cry! This tradition isn`t respected in our times and instead of it, the bride must cry noisily at her own wedding; it is important for her to do that!

Stealing the groom`s shoes is certainly a very funny act in the Indian wedding! The groom is supposed to renounce to his shoes when entering the church and his family is going to protect them! Also, another tradition is that the family of the bride must steal the grooms` shoes and if the group really obtains them in “fight”, the groom is due to buy his own shoes back!


The Swedish culture has two funny traditions when it comes to weddings! One regards the bride that must have two coins in her shoes! One coin must be of silver and must be given by his father, and the other one is of gold and the mother offers it to her daughter; this gesture represents a new beginning and the two nickels are the inheritance of the future married woman! Another tradition of this culture: at the festivity the bride and the groom can offer kissed to the opposite sex!
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These are just some examples of peculiar acts during wedding ceremonies, every culture has its own way of celebrating a wedding and every gesture comes from older times and it`s understood differently by people!