Flower crowns for the bride

Brides opt most commonly for flowers for their hairstyle in the wedding day. No matter if we’re speaking about branches or natural flowers or artificial ones.

The reason is easy to be found out; there are not many events to which you can wear flowers in your hair or occasions in which you can show your romantic side. We have to admit that in most of the cases we tend to be aggressive than we really are.

This is why, the wedding is a gorgeous moment for relaxing and for getting free that romantic side of yours which was very well hidden somewhere in your interior. In order to help you we’ve prepared six ideas for floral hairstyles which are just great for a fairytale wedding.
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Fall crowns….

There are many brides who believe that flowers are ok only if they’re placed in a tight loop, but you have to know that loosened hair with some flowers can be a really great solution.

If you have a fall wedding, you can make a flower crown specific to this season and with copper colored leaves. The effect is one truly amazing.

Spring crowns….

The brides who get married during the spring have a multitude of flowers from which they can choose and make a gorgeous crown. For exemplification, we thought of a model with wild roses in different color tones.

You can use natural flowers, but you can as well use flowers made of natural silk or paper type origami.

Crowns made in the style of the 20s….

If you recall pretty much from our material from the 20s the main vintage inspiration of the interwar period is the headband placed on the forehead.

For a floral insertion, opt for a crown made of leaves and different places with one spectacular flower in one side. Surely you’re going to be a remarkable bride.

For all the spring brides, a special idea is definitely using branches with buds on them. Like in the case of flowers, you opt for natural sides, or for copies made of silk.

We like the branches with buds with cherries and peach – they’re perfect for an elegant bride and nonconformist.

An exotic apparition…..

We don’t know if you’re as impressed by the exotic flowers as we are, but surely you’re not going to forget the spectacular side of an arrangement with tropical flower insertion.

Caught with a ribbon or a vegetal support, an exotic flower can make the difference between an ordinary bride and a super chic one.

Crowns in Asian style.

We all know the appreciation of the Asian culture for the cherry flowers, so we don’t see why you shouldn’t steal as well for the charm of the Orientals for creating an impact for the wedding day.

Opt for cherry branches or for miniature flowers, arranged on lotus flowers.