Green or eco friendly wedding invitations

As the problems of the environment get sharper, it’s like you think twice when you choose your wedding invitations that you are going to send to the wedding guests. You wouldn’t want to use even more of the planet’s resources or apply in a useless manner to chemicals.
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We have taken into account some wedding invitations that are eco friendly and maybe they will be good starting points in case you decide to apply on a green wedding theme.

Recyclable paper

You can’t renounce entirely to the idea of wedding invitations, so you can opt for a less damaging method. Print on the paper with a percentage of recycling or search for alternative fibers, like bamboo or hemp. In order to sound more convincing, think of it in this way: a ton of recycled paper saves about 17 trees, over 26000 of water and let’s not forget that the air is polluted as well.

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Wedding invitation

Usually, there’re are a lot of pieces of information to offer to the wedding guests, so you feel tempted all the time to add all kinds of insertions, cardboards in the wedding invitation concept. Try to limit yourself to the essential. If you have too many ideas to transmit to your guests, choose to create a site or a blog on which they can find all the answers to their questions.

Post or internet?

This is indeed a problem that the wedding invitations face generally! You can reduce the number of the wedding invitations that you send physically, on paper, choosing the electronic format as much as possible. For the bachelor parties or the legal wedding ceremony, you can opt confidently for this less formal format, but can help reduce some costs considerably.

Green wedding invitations or eco friendly wedding invitations seem to be more and more spread throughout our days and we sincerely recommend them, because we are also partisans of saving the planet. Think of how much paper you can waste if you have a big wedding ceremony and you have lots of wedding invitations to send.

green or eco friendly wedding invitationsSource
Wedding invitation

For some, it may sound funny, but we have to be eco conscious, because in this way we help the nature and the surrounding environment pretty much.