Trendy Wedding Invitation Ideas with Basic Invite


Weddings are about celebrating love and marrying the person you want to spend forever with. Of course, they are sacred and special – not to be taken lightly. Though, aside from the seriousness of marriage a wedding also gives brides a VIP pass to plan, direct, and design the ultimate party. Whether you are a traditional bride or quirky is the name of your game being trendy with your wedding decor, dress, and especially your invitations is a must! So, we have teamed up with the stationery experts over at Basic Invite to deliver you with the trendiest wedding invitation ideas to get your party started in style!

Basic Invite is an online stationery company specializing in stationery for all of life’s major moments. They offer spectacular stationery for bridal showers, birth announcements, graduations, holiday’s and more! Today, we are talking all things trendy in the wedding stationery world and they have options for you that will blow your mind! Here’s why…

They offer over 200 wedding invitation suites which are all completely customizable. And with over 180 color options every single bride has the opportunity to create something magical to kick off her special moment! Basic Invite strives to offer the best of the best when it comes to all things trendy and traditional. They work with designers from all over the globe in order to provide every bride with innovative and timeless designs that are able to be tweaked in order to serve every style.


Currently trending over at Basic Invite are their brand new real wood wedding invitations. These real cherry wood veneers are pressure mounted on heavyweight card stock and stamped with the finest white ink for the ultimate woodsy and rustic look. Their wood invites are also perfect for the upcoming holiday season themed bridal showers. Choose from over 40 colors of peel and seal envelopes in your favorite shade of red or green to go with the always trendy winter wonderland look.


Another one of their trendiest trends; their gold and silver foil wedding invitations. Foil adds a bit of charm to a classic look. Use foil to summon a dreamy night of whimsical romance that will wow your guests.


And for something that may seem apparent, but is often overlooked – color. A small detail of color or a colorful statement invitation is a trend that will never go out of style. Lucky for you, Basic Invite has an abundance of colors to edit any aspect of the design you wish! This is where creativity comes into play and eccentricity takes center stage.


If you are looking for trendy – look no further. Basic Invite has the best of the best and with their unlimited customization options and bountiful accessories your wedding invitations will be trending in no time!