Personalized wedding invitations

Once you’ve decided that your wedding should follow the musical theme, the first thing remaining is to decide of course over the wedding invitation.

And how there are so many musical genres, the wedding invitation has to inspire some of the themes chosen by you. Search for them in due time in order to acquire them faster. There are many other ways of expressing the theme of your wedding through the wedding invitations. Some of these would be reproducing the invitation through a CD, an audio cassette or why not, a mini vinyl disk.

personalized wedding invitations

In this last case, it’s necessary to encrypt the details for the wedding on an interior cover, in the case in which not all the guests have a pick – up. The recording has to be made with the voices of both of you on a musical background that is appropriate for the genre that you’ve chosen.

Including the colors of that particular support has to be appropriate for the theme, in this way, for a rock wedding you’re going to use white and black tones for, for a punk wedding turquoise combined with cyclamen, rainbow colors for a hippie wedding, red and yellow for a latino wedding and so on. There can be personalized even the cover of the CD/cassette/disk with a picture of you two with a particular message that is inspiring or an image or a text of your favorite singer.

Another original wedding invitation would be a musical one, which sings literally, in the moment in which you open it. This system has been encountered in musical postcards, which always bring on your lips a gorgeous smile. This one has to make you happy not only through the singed song, but through the design that is really funny. Even if the colors of the themes that are prevalent are black, some drawing of some characters would certainly confer something special to the postcard.

personalized wedding invitations 2

A 3D invitation would be a really modern invitation, which surprises a certain animation. In this case, it’s preferable that they apply for a character that sings at a musical instrument, which is specific to the chosen genre. For a pleasant aspect, the animation has to be as colored as possible. Even the classic invitation can be adapted to a particular musical style. Everything consists in you paying attention to the line and the combination of colors.

For the romantic ones, which incline towards symphonic music, with a model of fine ornaments, in two pale colors, it would be the appropriate pick. For the more extrovert ones, which prefer “hard” music, a blue tone combined with a metallic grey would definitely make a gorgeous combination.

personalized wedding invitations 3

A final option, but not the last one, is personalizing the envelope in which you offer the invitations. This one has handwriting specific and calligraphic in graffiti style, it can be stamped with a sign, like a rose between branches with thorns or it can have entirely a musical tone.