Write your emotional mother of the bride speech

The mother of the bride is a very important person at the wedding. After discussing with the bride, the groom, and the groom’s parents, the tasks will be divided, so that everyone could feel that he / she took part at the planning of the wedding. Thus, some of her tasks may include: preparing the guests list, being the host of the party, or researching any eventual details concerning the family customs or ethnic wedding traditions. Besides that, a moment that everyone expects is the mother of the bride speech, so if she isn’t too nervous and shy, she should hold this memorable discourse.

Because we want to help you and make this task easier, we have prepared a few tips on what you should do before, during and after writing your speech.

Before. As many mothers, you will also help your daughter planning her wedding, therefore, try to remember or to write down the things you believe are worthy to mention at the ceremony. Also, you should mention only the funny, beautiful and romantic moments, for example: how the groom (which you shouldn’t forget to welcome in your family) helped your daughter and how patient he was with her, or maybe, you should share with the others a few funny accidents that have happened “backstage”. Another important thing that you shouldn’t forget to do is talking to you husband before writing the speech, because you shall not repeat what he just said, but you shall be funny and wise, in order to prevent your audience from getting bored.

During. In this section, we shall mention the order of things that the mother of the bride speeches should contain. Therefore, first of all, congratulate your husband for his touching speech and then, introduce yourself. Thank everyone for being beside the groom and the bride and for their considerable help. Let the others know that you are pleased with your daughter’s choice and you are happy to receive new members in your family. Be funny and tell the amusing events that have occurred when planning the wedding! And last but not least, end your discourse in a positive and warm tone, by blessing the bride and the groom, and by wishing them the best!

After. After finishing your speech, read it in front of the mirror (it will be like a sort of exercise) and after that, in front of your husband (it’s good to have a second opinion).  Anyway, write it with your heart and the newlyweds will surely be amazed!