Bridal Party Wedding Photography Trends

What Are the Newest Trends in Wedding Photography?

In the wedding world, trends are continuously popping up but they’re also holding steady as well. And within the last ten years, the wedding photographer has become the most important person at the event besides the bride and groom.

Capturing the moments, planning the “candid” shots that everyone loves the most and wants to share via all socials, and then the artistic, magazine-worthy pieces that make the couples shed a tear or two – while also blasting them out all over the Internet.

Photography has changed a lot because of the audience. No more is the competition within one household and one photo album. Instead, a photographer’s portfolio can easily be accessed within a variety of digital medium and they’re not only in competition with a local neighbor, but they’re also competing with anyone who can sign into Pinterest – all over the world. What’s changed is the quality, of course, but also the level of imagination and creation.

Here Are the Top-Trending Ideas in the Wedding World Right Now

Pre & Post Wedding Shoots

One of the biggest trends in wedding photography lies in the pre and post wedding shoot options. We’ve heard of bridal portraits before, but this is getting the entire bridal party together (or just the bride and groom if you prefer) and knocking out some of the have-to poses and some of the more artistic ventures as well.

This saves time at the actual event and lets you relax a bit instead of rushing through all the motions.

Smoke Bombs & Sparklers

A topping to a great party and a phenomenal photo-op, using smoke bombs and sparklers to celebrate the day have become increasingly more and more popular throughout the wedding world. You can do them in colorful shades or utilize them in pre or post-wedding shoots as well.

Unplugged Ceremonies

Nix the phones and Insta hashtags. Instead, we’re seeing a lot of couples ask for the ceremony (and sometimes the entire event) to go unplugged. Everyone is involved with being present, no outsider shots are taken, and the photog doesn’t have to compete with the guests.

Insta Teasers

We’re also seeing shots of the main celebration being uploaded to Insta for a “teaser” within mere days. This amps up the guests, the photographer’s portfolio and online presence, as well as relaxes and excites the couples.

The Use of Drones

Finally, a lot of photographers are getting into the business of “drone” coverage. Basically, they’re learning how to utilize drones to get shots that they were never able to do before, both with footage and photographs. Up above in the sky and at all angles of every nook and cranny of the event can be captured this way.

Other Expert Answers


“Current trend: Reportage

If you want your wedding to be captured in a natural way, then reportage is the keyword you need to know. According to Nikon, the more relaxed, informal reportage trend has grown in popularity and prominence, while editorial photographic styles have taken a back seat. With this style, the little details become a part of the backdrop, while the emphasis is on people, precious sentiments and reactions.

Current trend: Dramatic images

Talk about Insta-worthy! Nikon has found contemporary couples who are tying the knot are looking to capture a sense of drama from their wedding to show just how vibrant their day was. These shots are a less staged version of the posed images often seen in the past and can encompass dramatic scenery, as well as action.

Current trend: Contrasting light

Problematic lighting in the height of summer and awkward wedding locations can create a challenge for some couples on the day, but if your wedding photographer embraces it, the results can be wonderfully striking.” – Brides

Inside Weddings

“Drama, Drama, Drama!

Forget posed portraits in your living room or backyard: Couples today are truly going for the “wow” factor. Gorgeous lighting, unexpected weather, and style worthy of a fashion editorial create images that make couples feel as though they’re posing for a magazine. Even better: shots that represent your wedding and relationship in some way, like this photo of the bride, groom, and beautiful Chicago skyscrapers that preserves their memories of their chic Chi-Town celebration.

Creative Angles

Photographers will do anything to get the shot, including shooting you from below, above, or even through a rearview mirror! No one wants their wedding portraits to look just like everyone else’s, so we’re seeing more and more couples embrace unique photos like the two above. Filming from a non-traditional angle is also a fantastic way to grab unique candid shots – almost as if your photographer is secretly catching you two in a private moment!

Gorgeous Backgrounds & Landscapes

Let nature do the talking! If you’re able to take your photos in a beautiful setting or in view of an iconic skyline or monument, consider allowing those elements to shine through. There’s something so mesmerizing about a photo of a gorgeous couple surrounded by a grove of trees or a city’s harbor, like the photos above, and we love that couples are now using their portraits as an opportunity to show off the beauty around them.” – Inside Weddings

Arsty Couture

“Focus On First Look

Seeing the bride before the wedding used to be a wedding faux pas, but this tradition has been transformed by the “First Look.” This first moment between a bride and groom, when the anticipation of their big day and the moment they first see one another, is known to be one of the most intimate and emotional. Capture this moment, and some additional pre and post “First Look” shots by adding the following to your shot list:

  • Opening Cards (just prior to first look)
  • Walking up
  • Before the reveal
  • During the reveal, possibly from two angles
  • After the reveal, as the couple prepares for the big ceremony

Selfie Stations

Think you’ve seen it all? Try again. Selfie stations are the next craze to be taking over wedding receptions. This simple DIY photo-hack allows guests to take photos on their time, with their phones, with some fun and goofy accessories. As their professional photographer, this is also a great place to capture some truly organic moments of the guests, which the Bride and Groom will cherish.

Have a little extra fun and carry props around with you while you’re snapping up the dance floor, with the bridal party, or at the first look.

What You’ll Need:

  • Fun fabric or designed backdrop
  • 3 – 4 Selfie Sticks
  • Props (keep it simple!)
  • Phones” – Artsy Couture

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