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Father Of The Bride Speech On Her 2nd Wedding

Second Wedding: Father Of The Bride Speech

My daughter is getting married for the 2nd time and his first. Do I have to give a speech? Please help… As I don’t know what is proper.

Nancy Tucker

The question is, does your daughter want you to give a speech. It does not matter how many weddings they have had, it is a matter of welcoming guests and congratulating the couple.

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Brandi Hamerstone,
Owner/Senior Wedding Planner All Events Planned

The question is best posed to your bride, as Nancy suggested. Find out if your daughter is including speeches in her timeline for the event, and if she is, is she alloting time for you, or is she skipping speeches altogether. If she does want you to give a speech, it can be short and simple, congratulating them on finding each other and wishing them the best of luck on their marriage.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

I completely agree. Great advice as always, ladies.

Rick Pieczonka – Instant Wedding Toasts

Yes, do! The Father of the Bride traditionally welcomes guests, and of course says a few wonderful things about his daughter. That hasn’t changed just because she’s been married before.

(If you decide to ask your daughter if she would like you to say a few words… don’t hint that you don’t want to speak – no need to disappoint her if she says yes and then realizes you are hesitant.)

Being that she’s been married before, you can make your speech short and sweet. Welcome the guests, tell your daughter how radiant and beautiful she looks, speak about why these two make a great couple, and offer a piece of advice. Last but not least, welcome the groom into the family…and you have a speech that was – hopefully – painless.