Floral arrangements at a wedding

The wedding gown is put in front of you in the armoire, your shoes in the box, accessories in front of the mirror, the groom`s suit looks perfect on him! All these things are perfectly arranged, all beginning from the things mentioned before to the floral arrangements!

A nice and beautiful wedding means to keep a high standard and all the elements that compose it should synchronize perfectly… Flowers will make your wedding look better and prettier, this element shouldn`t be forgot because it attracts the photograph (like the groom also does)!


Forgive me not flowers are a good choice, the name says it, and the flowers are special and unique! These small flowers are perfect to be arranged in large glass bolls placed on the tables; simple but special! Due to their blue color they can be combined with yellow, creating a regal combination!
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The orchid symbolizes opulence, exotic, elegance and let`s not forget beauty! Using these types of flowers to your wedding will surely guarantee your uniqueness and luxury! Because it has a big dimension, the orchid is used in high decorations and elaborated ones, underlining the one`s style! Although they are available all year long, orchids are recommended at a spring wedding in an open location (tent, garden). Due to the size of these flowers it is recommended to create elegant arrangements having them as central items!

Although tulips aren`t that expensive, floral arrangements that have them as central piece are often preferred, it is indeed a chic combination! There are over 500 types of tulips and that is a positive thing because you have where to choose from! For example, if you want a white wedding, you can use white or transparent vases with a large number of white tulips!


The lily was used in the Greek ceremonies for the crown given to the bride; this crown used to symbolize purity and richness. Nowadays lilies are used in elaborate floral arrangements that inspire a romantic air…these flowers have a powerful odor and due to this thing it is recommended to create arrangement that can be placed on the ceiling over the tables, or in the corners of the room.

Another flower used at weddings is the rose: be it red or white it is a choice made by many women! As we all know, red is the symbol of passion so, it may be used in the floral arrangements but not in a big quantity cause the thing tends to become very passionate (and the grannies start to mumble); the white rose is used most of the time, when thinking at this flower the word peace comes in our heads… it may be a great choice if you want a serene wedding!

Flower arrangements are very important for one`s wedding, so take your time and calculate what type of flower suits you and how do you want to remain in the collective`s memory (the people invited)!