Lilies wedding flowers

Lilies are very beautiful when it comes to flowers and they suit perfectly to any occasion and they’re also very special. In the catholic traditions it’s Saint Anton’s flower. These are really appropriate for every event and this flower is the symbol of the regal French home, at least that’s how they used to be….

In case in which you decide to go on the idea of lilies, it’s important to take into account an inconvenient that you might not like.

An inconvenient would be that of the smell odor that can cause you a headache, most of all when it’s too hot outside and in this situation it can be really tiring in the same time.

lilies wedding flowers

It depends also on the number of lilies that you wish to use, if you want a big and delicate bouquet then effectively you don’t have any reason to fear. It depends only on you, how you’re as a person and how much you enjoy these flowers, if you love their strong odor or if in general you like strong perfumes, then this means that you’re a happy bride.
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Another inconvenient in what concerns these beautiful flowers is that they stain with pollen( that can be avoided if you eliminate pollen) or you can simply pay attention and keep them in such a manner as not to stain your dress.

lilies wedding flowers 2

You can have a gorgeous bouquet made of white lilies that are appropriate for a bride dress. ideal would be to have a bouquet made of 3 or 5 lilies, if it’s possible to choose some of dimensions that are not that generous, lilies are flowers with personality and they’re enough less in a bouquet, it doesn’t have to be a very voluminous bouquet.

Also you can choose lilies for the flower arrangement that you place on the car and that is going to transport you at the church, also taking into account that you can have lilies that are pink and not only white or any other tones or species, you can realize a bouquet for covering the cars in a very special and elegant manner.

lilies wedding flowers 3

You can even choose lilies for adorning the wedding tables, eventually in every vase you can observe a lily. If you know that there are persons around you that can’t stand the powerful smell of lilies, then you can arrange the spots in tables in such a manner that they’re far away from the lily arrangements.

You can even, in case you want to use the lily as a leitmotif for your dress, you can even choose a broche that is in shape of a lily and as an accessory for the hair. Also, there are on the market or on the internet different earrings that are made in shape of lilies or even a set that has this motif. These are really delicate as details and they’re appropriate for brides that are as romantic as you are.

If you’ve decided to follow the idea of lilies then you should speak with a florist that can offer you pieces of advice on how you can realize such an arrangement.