Flower arrangements for the bride’s car

Flower arrangements have been a topic of discussion for many of our articles and we’re sure that we caught your interest in a way or another. This is why we would like to continue with some other examples, but this time these are meant for the bride’s car, the car in which the bride comes to the church. Pretty interesting, isn’t that right? And we’re certain that you haven’t thought of this aspect, you forgot about it, because you have so many things to deal with….

Let’s start with mentioning the fact that these flower arrangements are made of natural flowers and they look pretty nice on the bride’s car and they offer a really interesting perspective in the same time.

flower arrangements for the bride's car

We start with a white flower arrangement that is made of callas, roses and orchids and daffodils as well together with big plants and green stuff attached to them. It’s an interesting model and we’re certain that is going to look stunning on a white car. In fact, any flower arrangement that you apply for is going to look gorgeous on your white car.
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How about this next suggestion that we have which consists as well in white flowers combined with green plants. This time there are used white lilies in combination with green and big plants. We’re speaking about a piece of décor that has the shape of a star and it definitely creates an interesting visual effect in combination with the background that the car has to offer.

flower arrangements for the bride's car 2

Besides the white and green combination there’s another one in which you can add some other colored flowers, in strong colors like red or blue and end up with a marvelous looking combination. Also, around the car you can add some other details that recall of the colors used in the flower arrangement, you can add a ribbon or something similar that will definitely create an interesting visual impact.

flower arrangements for the bride's car 3

A lot of green and a small amount of white is also a neat combination that we’re certain is going to seem interesting enough. So, we’re speaking about a lot of green plants, green leaves that are combined here and there with white and green chrysanthemum flowers. We’re certain that seems interesting enough and you can also realize a bow of the big leaves that can be encountered next to the flowers. This is indeed a neat combination of details and we’re certain that you’re going to apply for it in case you like vivid colors and strong combinations.

We promise to continue some other time with suggesting other examples of flower arrangements made especially for cars. Indeed, it’s something that we didn’t take into account up to this moment and that’s why we have to exploit it as much as possible.