Tips on how to make your own bridal bouquet

Brides who want to be original and want to make the difference take into account the option of making their own bridal bouquets, both for the bridesmaids and their own. It’s not an easy task, you know? It involves lots of hard work, it can get pretty cheap indeed, but there are certain things that need to be respected in order that you end up with a mesmerizing effect.
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The wedding flower arrangements are special and have to look great, the main thing that matters is to ensure that you use the appropriate flowers and you show a little bit of your love and joy through the wedding arrangement that you have realized.

There are several guides for “do it yourself wedding flowers” and as long as you respect the steps indicated there, you don’t have any reason for not succeeding in what your doing.

In the following lines, we will try to focus on explaining these essential steps when it comes to the chapter regarding the handmade bridal bouquet. Of course, “handmade” relates to the bride who is realizing her own bridal bouquet. We’re speaking of a handmade wedding bouquet also in the case in which the florist makes it.

How to make your own bridal bouquets

So, don’t forget that when it comes to doing them, the costs don’t matter, they are not important; these will lower, increasing the amount of dress.

tips on how to make your own bridal bouquetCredit
Tips on how to make your own bridal bouquet

Before you make up the decision of realizing your own bridal bouquet, here are some details that you have to take into account:

Weddings are equivalent to stress

We know just how stressful a wedding can get. Think of all the parts in which you have to be in the same time and all the details you have to arrange. Now, if you have chosen to realize your own bridal bouquet, you have to devote some good hours for constructing the bouquets and the flower arrangements. Try not to get nervous, because this will affect your work as well and if you are upset, then you are going nowhere. In case you have left the wedding flower arrangements up to the last moment and you feel that there is no time left, and then you have to immediately apply for a florist, he ought to do the job perfectly for you.

Choose a simple model

Now, you are not born with a natural gift of realizing gorgeous wedding flower arrangements, it takes lots of time for making these and try applying for a simple model if you haven’t done this previously. If you are stubborn enough to choose a complex model, then we announce you that it isn’t easy to realize it and in the same time you have to keep in mind that this will bring you an extra amount of stress and you don’t need that in your wedding day, or next to the wedding day, right?

Be prepared from every little point of view

Buy your flowers in advance, all the tools that you need, as well as the accessories and have extra helping hands next to you if it’s possible. Don’t leave not even the tiniest detail up to the last moment because accidents can happen, you know?

And speaking about flowers, make sure that you have ordered or bought all the needed flowers in due time – this is what a florist is going to do all the time. He or she will make sure that the flowers came in the proper time, so that he or she is able to switch the faded blossoms with others.

Another thing to be kept in mind is that you need to call for the flowers in some weeks before the wedding in order for them to get in time. If we’re speaking about a big amount of flowers, then you need to make the call in about sex weeks before the event, also call repeatedly once a week up to the moment in which you decide to make the wedding flower arrangements and you need to have a phone next to you all the time – in this way, you maintain yourself on track!

Help is a must have when it comes to wedding flower arrangements made in your household

Doing your bridal bouquet or the wedding flower arrangements alone is no fun; in fact it’s really boring and stressful. This can be an exercise for remaining calm, if we’re seeing it from a practical point of view. Call your bridesmaids and your mother and ask them if they can offer you a helping hand in what you’re doing! This is an essential thing!

The last thing after you have realized the wedding flower arrangements: maintaining them fresh! Have you ever heard about flower food? Well, it can get pretty useful in this case and placing a penny in the water container can prove to be a great and useful idea!