Cheer the atmosphere up with your wedding reception flowers

We won’t chit chat too much over the subject, we’re going to cut to the chase directly and see exactly some other great looking examples of wedding reception flowers, because we told you that you’re going to definitely have where to choose from.
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Our first suggestion from this topic involves a centerpiece, which is realized in a very pleasant manner and it has only great looking details about it. It’s practically a bouquet composed of several species of flowers: callas, the bride’s flowers, roses and carnations. These have different colors, but at the basis there are all warm.

wedding reception flowers 3

You can observe here and there the how green goes with the rest of the colors in the flower buds. We didn’t mention anything concerning the recipient in which the flowers are placed. Well, it’s made of glass and it has a cylindrical shape. Quite an interesting combination if we come to think of it!

Here’s another gorgeous model of wedding reception flowers and it consists of a tall vase that is filled with great looking flowers. The tall vase is made of transparent glass and it creates a nice visual effect. At the basis of this vase you can observe several types of flowers combined in a really pleasurable manner with multiple colors.

wedding reception flowers 3 2

The vase doesn’t have any flower strains there; you can observe only the great looking bouquet on the top, which is composed of several types of flowers, similar to those at the basis of the vase. These flowers have multiple colors and are combined with nice looking leaves in a fresh green tone. Only exquisite combinations as you can observe!

We think that you’re going to love this low flower arrangement that has great combinations of green, red and rose color tones. In this case there are used flowers like roses, lilies and freesia but there are also some other flowers involved and these create a nice visual impression.

wedding reception flowers 3 3

The leaves together with the flowers look pretty interesting and if we add that there are some great looking candles there too, well you’re going to end up with a pretty nice looking wedding reception arrangement. This flower arrangement can be definitely placed in the middle of a table and you won’t need any other details involved, be sure of that!

wedding reception flowers 3 4

Here are some other suggestions that will definitely catch your interest immediately, due to the elements used. In this case, you can observe some metallic vases involved, these have a little bit of a rustic air and go really well with some flowers taken directly from your personal garden.

Don’t blend different species of flowers in the same vase, use only one type of flowers and you’re going to end up with a great looking arrangement that can be used as wedding reception flowers.