5 Black Tie Wedding Themes To Love & Inspire

Creating a black tie wedding celebration is no different than planning for a bohemian-vibed party or a destination affair because it’s all in the details. But, what sparks that prepping all starts with one major decision and that’s the theme of the event.

If you envision everyone in stunning gowns and tuxedos then a black tie wedding may be exactly what you need to round out your most perfect of days. Today, we’re sharing 5 black tie wedding themes that work and that we’re sure you’ll be swooning for.

From fun to trendy, let’s check out some routes you can take when shooting for a more swanky style of celebrations.

5 Black Tie Wedding Themes To Love & Inspire

Masquerade Ball


Set the scene with drama, incredible masks, and gorgeous formalwear. Make sure your guests are informed of the night’s theme so they have time to prep themselves!

This is a great route to take if you want something extra memorable and easy to “dress.” The men can come in all sorts of tuxedos and the ladies can have a lot of fun finding a dress that they wouldn’t normally get a chance at wearing.

Think lots of florals, decadent food, champagne fountains, candelabras, and plenty of other gilded pieces. There should be a bit of mystery, a bit of sex appeal, and a magical air surrounding all of the nooks and crannies. But most of all, you can create a formal affair full of original personality.

Classic Contemporary


Chic, polished, and sophisticated, those are three adjectives that you may want to focus on when creating your lush, contemporary black tie wedding. With this theme, it all starts with your venue. From posh ballrooms or gorgeous conservatories, you can grow your vision from what your foundation is.

When you’re working with crisp, shining surfaces, you can easily add formality on top of that to create the kind of event you want. Make sure you celebrate in the evening, to top off the transformation.

Sit down dinners, live music including a piano, and even some staged modern art around the reception area can help to pump up the contemporary theme.



A Christmas-themed wedding can be so much fun and you can easily make it a formal event. With all the luxury that the season brings, beautiful evening gowns and tuxedos fit right into its ethos.

Flowing flowers, indulgent bites, and bigger, more festive decor pieces can round out your event making it a grand escape for your guests to enjoy. You may even want some large, decorated Christmas trees in the corners of your venue to really transform the area.

Pay homage to the season and allow your friends and family to dress in their winter, formal best. Your blacks, whites, cranberries, and emeralds will help to ignite the night.

Vintage Victorian


There’s something so special about walking into a vintage space and feeling like you’ve just stepped into a storybook of antiquity. And that’s what you can transform your wedding venue into.

From the ceremony to the reception, you can bring back the Victorian era with the right kind of accents and details.

And with that theme, you can easily create a formal wedding for all of your friends and family to enjoy. Classic florals, vintage pieces, and old age designs can come together to create something really special.

Live music would serve you well here too. And check out some throwback menus for fun, “Victorian” cocktail ideas and other nods to the decade you’re looking to bring to life.

White Out


Keep it within the creams. An elegant way to dress your wedding would be to go with an all-white theme. The colors from your petals will pop and the formalwear from your bridal party and guests will be the highlight of the night.

Depending on the venue and the season, you may want to go with something crisper or creamier. We like to think that winter weddings would be dipped in a snowy shade the best while a spring or summer affair may want a golden hue.

Just imagine all of those black ties dancing and making memories along the lines of your all-white reception. It’s clean, it’s classy, and it’ll be timeless.