Purses for brides

The purse is a basic accessory for a woman! Ladies and women simply can`t do without it! In fact, in their wedding day, women have this accessory that is carried together with the bouquet! Many do not know what these purses carry, and only the brides know that!


So, here are some models for those brides that want to carry their purses even in that special day! The idea is that it needs to fit perfectly in color and model with the shoes and the dress and accordingly to these features you may choose a purse or another….
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So, the basic “color” is white or ivory! It depends on you what model does the purse have! You may want an envelope purse with silvery or golden buttons on it! this type of accessory is small and very thin most of the times, it can be with zipper or magnetic button! The zipper must be avoided, because it doesn`t look that great, because it`s a special occasion! You can have a petit handbag with shiny applications on it with a semi circle in silvery nuance with which you carry your “bag”!

The purse may have different shapes, similar to the vintage models or with new trends and applications! The vintage model of purse is recommended by many and also the envelope model is in the favorite models of the designers!


These purses can be simple, as mentioned before, or with different models on them! These can have embroideries on them or a silvery carrying lace…

Besides white and ivory, nuances like golden and silvery are also recommended for this type of purse! Just take into consideration the fact that this accessory shouldn`t be too large! Make it as small as you can!

And another thing! If your shoes have different applications, make sure the mini bag has also those models on it, because it needs to be in perfect coordination with what you wear!


The materials for these purses are: lace, cotton, taffeta, organza or satin! Remember that they must match the dress also! The envelope purse looks better if it`s shiny and made of leather! The little hand bags look great if they`re made of mild material, not shiny! A nice model of purse will certainly be made of cotton and on the exterior side with lace embroideries!

If you have some pearls or crystals embroidered on your corsage, make sure you have a little part of these on your mini purse! Sometimes less is beautiful, and you already know that!


No matter if you choose to wear a purse or not in your wedding day, you`ll look great! Just make sure you have a nice bouquet, this accessory shouldn`t be left aside! It`s essential and inspires beauty and freshness!