The something blue detail suggested by BHLDN

BHLDN besides offering you a great range of possibilities for bridesmaid dresses and not only, also shares with you some suggestions at the level of traditions. You know very well all the details and accessories that a bride has to carry with her in the big day as to be a part of traditions, it seems that this brand makes everything easier for you by sharing with you some of the options that you can take into consideration when it comes to traditions.

the something blue detail suggested by BHLDNCredit
The something blue detail suggested by BHLDN

For this matter, we were thinking that it might be a great idea to make you aware of this collection as well and we’re speaking about wedding accessories that are part of the “something blue” field.
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Blue is indeed a tone and element that should not be omitted from the bridal day if you want to maintain your traditions and maintain clichés. Even if we’re speaking about the garter, a pair of panties, some pieces of jewelry, a bridal accessory or a brooch attached on the chest of the bride, she definitely has to take into consideration such details in order to make her look complete.

If you want to apply for a “something blue” detail that is not that expensive, then we recommend you a cloth to cover your shoulders or even some rhinestone pieces of jewelry – these ought to do the deal or even a garter that will turn out not to be that expensive and you can be certain of this matter.

blue wedding shoes by BHLDN Credit
Blue wedding shoes by BHLDN

But if you want something more classy and elegant for the bridal day, then we recommend you real and valuable wedding accessories that are meant to make your look complete.

First of all, in our list of suggestions for “something blue” wedding accessories we were thinking of the wedding shoes. These can be realized in a retro style or something more contemporary with bow applications or dots. On no matter what model you make up your mind on, make sure that is something that characterizes your personality pretty well and that you match the bridal shoes with the purse or the bridal gown that you are wearing.

blue silk ribbon by BHLDN Credit
Blue silk ribbon by BHLDN

Every now and then, you must have observed a bride wearing a bridal purse and we totally appreciate this idea, because in this way she can keep all her details and accessories in that clutch. How about applying for such a clutch in this blue color we have been mentioning about and making it the “something blue” detail?

Of course, the wedding accessories that were mentioned are not that cheap and you can be certain that these ought to make the difference and you will definitely be pleased of wearing them. Let us add that BHLDN offers you products that are not going to let you down and you will see that the quality level is high.

So, we were mentioning something, as well, about wedding jewelry. For this matter, we were thinking that it would be a great idea to take into account a blue brooch, which can be made with stone applications in blue tone or something more contemporary. Wedding jewelry always turns out to be effective when we’re speaking about wedding accessories.

Blue lapis toasting flutes by BHLDNCredit
Blue lapis toasting flutes

Let’s add that besides the bridal jewelry, there can be some other wedding accessories that you can easily apply for in blue. How about a blue bra or blue underwear made in lace? These wedding accessories can turn out to be really great looking on you and so, it will be a secret for everybody where the blue element lays.

A blue ribbon applies around the waistline ought to do the job. Not only you have completed your tradition, but in this manner you are able to obtain a slimmer look that ought to make you look taller and maybe modern in the same time.

There’s another “field” in which you can apply for wedding accessories made in blue and that consist the completing element “something blue”. For this matter, we were thinking of a bow detail that can be used as a brooch on the bridal gown, or more interesting would be to add it somewhere in one side of the dress to make you look really cute and unique. Another idea would also be to apply for a blue headband with a bow detail – this is another important thing that will make you look interesting and unique in comparison with other brides.

As you can see, the “something blue” detail can vary from a bride’s taste to another and there are so many options that you can take into account that you just cannot imagine.