Tips and Products for Wedding Day Beauty

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It goes without question that every girl wants to be her most beautiful self on her wedding day. After you’ve spent months organising the venue, finding the perfect dress, and arranging catering, it’s time to focus on you. To look your best all you need is a handful of great products, as well as a little time, effort and TLC.

Here’s how to look amazing on your wedding day.

Diet and Exercise

This doesn’t mean starving yourself and running for three hours every day, but your diet and exercise routine can impact upon the condition of your skin.

In the months leading up to your wedding, aim to be active a few times a week. Exercising increases circulation, increases oxygen levels and reduces stress, meaning it works wonders for your complexion. Remember that exercise doesn’t have to be dull, so choose something you enjoy.


Make sure you eat right, too. Try to eliminate processed foods and starchy carbs (here are 5 foods to avoid). Aim to drink lots of water and eat lean meats and leafy green vegetables.

Cleanse, Tone and Exfoliate

When you’re trying to juggle wedding planning with work, it can be easy to neglect skin. But your skin routine is important and requires the same attention as your makeup and hair routines.

Cleanse daily with a cream or oil based cleanser and follow with a gentle alcohol free toner to remove make up residue and hydrate skin. Exfoliate a couple of times a week to renew skin, remove dead cells and leave a glowing complexion. Note: It’s important to know your skin type so you can find the right beauty products.



Moisturising should be the most important part of your skin routine. If your current moisturiser isn’t doing it for you, shop around and try out something new – but make sure you do this a couple of months before the big day in case of break outs! Read the ingredients list and think about what is being absorbed into your skin. Try to aim for a product that contains natural ingredients. If you find a moisturiser containing an SPF, that’s even better!

Don’t Wash Your Hair

If you plan on wearing your hair up, don’t wash your hair on your wedding day. Just washed hair is harder to style and keep in place. Instead, wash your hair the day before and allow your stylist to work their magic.

If you have thin hair that needs volume, are prone to an oily or dry scalp, or have frizzy hair, there are loads of products on the market to give you perfect hair on your big day.

Tip: to freshen hair, use dry shampoo or give your bangs a quick wash and blow dry.