Wedding make-up with a touch of Hollywood

We haven’t talked for some time about this topic. It regards the make-up that brides can apply for in their wedding day! Today we come with a suggestion: it gives you a fresh touch, it highlights your eyes and it gives you a nice aspect, most of all, which is really important for you!

wedding make-up with a touch of Hollywood

We start with the make-up foundation, the basis of the make-up! Don’t apply for the usual creamy make-up foundation! Use a moisturizer at first to hydrate your complexion pretty well! The next step is to apply for a natural powder nuance in order to apply it on your face. Also, the powder can be shiny a little bit and accentuate the inner part of the face, meaning the nose, the area under the lips and the forehead.
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For these areas you may apply for a highlighter. For the cheeks apply for a really fresh nuance: pink or with a orange aspect.

The next step regards to eyes, of course! Use a faded dark nuance for the eyelids and apply it on the entire upper eye lid or under the arcade. You can apply for violet or gray, it goes really well! After this, make sure you take a black or sepia crayon and start to play with it on the eyelashes are on the down eyelid! Use black mascara both on the upper eyelashes and the down ones, and you’re finished with the eyes!

wedding make-up with a touch of Hollywood2

We’re going to speak now about the lips, obviously! In order to have a Hollywood aspect, because that’s our main theme for you! We forgot to mention until now! It’s our fault! We give you some recommendation in order to look like a Hollywood star! We offer you suggestions of products and nuances and you can apply for them and obtain the look you want. So, for the lips we recommend a lip gloss, which isn’t that shiny!

It helps your lips get hydrated and obtain the volume you want. It goes in perfect coordination with the rest of the make-up! You can apply for nuances like: rose, pink, gold, golden honey or peach! As you can see these nuances have a touch of color, as the name says it and it won’t be too much at all, because neither the eyes are highlighted that much nor the lips!

wedding make-up with a touch of Hollywood3

If you like our suggestion, you can tell the person that does your make-up to try doing it! You’ll certainly look like a Hollywood persona in your wedding day and that’s every woman’s dream! To look great in her wedding day!