Hairdos for brides

Having a medium hair is always a problem when it comes to styling it, but when you`re going to be a bride you must certainly have an elegant hairdo, no matter how long it is! Most of the women think it`s difficult to realize a stylish hairdo with shorter hair… it isn`t like that! If you read the lines that come, you`ll be convinced of this thing!


Here are some suggestions for great hairdos to “wear” in the big day: you may want to have playful curls, which must be in concordance with the stylized and attentively cut bang. This kind of coiffure gives a fresh look, very young and full of joy!

If you want to look retro you can take your hair threads put them in a nice loop of hair and style all your hair threads in the lateral side, including the bang, it`s a very stylish hairdo and will surely be admired by your guests.

A simple loop of hair, with curls in Greek antic style and the styling products used fit almost every time to the brides, who want a traditional, simple gown, with not many decorations involved!


Another classic variant, but effective, is the fake pony tale, which can be stylized into an elegant, but easy hairdo, also don`t forget adding an interesting tiara, that will surely attract everyone`s sight!

The loop of hair isn`t considered as being trendy anymore, but with some additions it can become a great hairstyle, preferred by many women. You can go to a stylist or you can ask a friend to do it for you, all she needs is patience, hairspray and styling cream!

Many brides would prefer a sauvage( wild) hairstyle, in order to create a natural aspect, without many details or hairpins! The hair loop done without much hairspray, and the hair threads just “bursting” from it!


No matter the style you use to your hair, you will certainly look great! These are only some simple examples of making at home your hairdo, with the help of a friend or your mother. You can also apply for a hair stylist who will give you good advice regarding your hairdo!