Beautiful hairdos for brides

Deciding on what type of hairdo to apply in your wedding day can be very hard you know! You need to consult magazines, the internet and so on….. And as every time, we`re here to help you! So, here are some suggestions of nice hairdos for the wedding day!


If you really have long hair and want to underline its beauty, it`s no problem! You can do this thing by applying to a pony tail and putting around your head a tiara made out of a pearl necklace! You`ll look just great with your hair on your back and maybe (it`s your choice) you can wear a vintage dress! But you must know that such a hairdo can be applied to any kind of wedding dress!

You also can apply for a big loop made of really big curls! Place this huge loop on one side of the head and place a nice bow or flower at the base of the hairdo! Simply wonderful!

Leave your hair on your back and get advantage of your natural curls and leave it the way it is! You`ll look splendid and you can place a nice hair pin on one side of the natural hair style!

Curls can be so elegant if you know how to place them on your head! Leave your hair on your back, don`t even dare to make any tail or loop! You can enlighten your face by taking a lock of hair and place it on the back! You`ll look puffy, sweet and also elegant in the same time!


An asymmetric loop can always be a great idea! Make sure you show your beautiful curls placed in this loop! It can be placed on any side of your head, as long as it`s beautiful and you look beautiful with it!

A nice loop in shape of a “house`s snail” will look gorgeous on your head! This is an elegant variant and certainly will show all your beautiful features and the beautiful dress! You can have a loop combined here and there with some curly locks of hair that are placed on the head!

A nice idea is to apply for two tails! These will make you look innocent and very rebel in the same time! Just think how everybody will see your idea: such a normal hairdo that looks wonderful on you, because it simply makes you look gorgeous in the most important day of your life! These two tails can be made out of two colors, and if you don`t have long hair and like the idea, you can always place “a piece of wig”!


A simple hairdo can look so nice if you know how to stylize it! just think of all the variants you have to make your hair look nicer: flowers, hairpins, pearls, different pieces of jewelry and the examples can go on and on!