Hair accessories for brides

If the retro “landscape” doesn`t inspire you enough, maybe the immediate suggestions will…. The hints regarding daring accessories for hair, instead of using tiaras or veils!


Try recalling the images of the old movies when the lady in the principal role danced with her partner. She usually wore something on her head, didn`t she? Well, such an accessory you can use on your head too in your wedding day! It`s like a hat that covers all your hair, which is in a loop obviously! This “hat” if it can be called in this way, it`s made like an embroidery with pearls and can be used instead of a veil clearly! It can have some details on it, such as pearls or different shapes made out of lace or any other material!
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Another inspiration can be those ladies from China in kimonos and think of what they have on their heads to arrange their hair! Such a detail can be used by you to accessorize your hair and loop! It`s a daring idea, and certainly you won`t wear a veil! After all, not so many women are fond of veils!

Let`s speak a little bit about the make-up! If you want to remind your guests of China, you can apply some eyeliner and you can look like a Chinese girl if you want to, and also make sure the lips look natural, as long as you applied a great quantity of black on your eyes!


Do you remember the nurses in the old movies? What did they wear on their heads? It was a white cone, it surely is fashionable nowadays as an accessory, and the nurses are fed up of it! You can apply such a cone made out of material on a funky hairdo on your wedding day! To this funky idea you can adopt a daring make-up, with purple as basic color, highlight both your eyes and lips and you will look great! The part of head where you apply this accessory, make sure it`s less funky than the other part, in order to highlight the interesting feature of this accessory!

Another fine accessory, similar to the previous one is also a white accessory made in shape of a bird that can be applied on a straight hair put in a nice loop! The entire image is smooth, it inspires only calmness and you`ll be a tranquil bride, be sure of that!


As you can see there are many variants from where to choose! Only one detail can make you look special in comparison with other brides! If the dress is simple, be certain these accessories will make you shine and all the guests will wonder what`s on your hair instead of the classical veil! You certainly won`t be judged by your decision, maybe admired and copied by those that don`t have inspiration as you`ve got!