Spanish loop as hairstyle

Find out from us that you can realize a homemade hairstyle of course if your hair helps you, a hairstyle which can be pretty special! But, if you don’t feel capable you can apply for the help of a professional.

There’s a simple loop and really elegant in the same time. We’re speaking about a classic hairstyle which you can wear in your festive events and even at the workplace, you’re not going to fail in any situation with this hairstyle. It’s a modest type of loop, charming, passionate and full of life, which is going to offer you the impression of seduction.

Spanish loop as hairstyle

When we choose a loop from an image, before all the things we have to place the question “ How does it look on me? “. You don’t have where to know this from; this is why we mention that you can realize it homemade, eventually with your best friend around, which is going to help you set the details.
<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->
Generally the loops are chosen after the face’s physiognomy and not after the model. It’s certain that a bride is going to look always pretty with the hair caught in a spectacular look, much more appropriate than any other model of hairstyle.

Here’s how you can realize such a loop. After combing your hair you have to make sure that you separate it in four different parts: a frontal side, a left and right side and one in the back. In order to avoid that these hair locks combine one with the other place them under big hairpins.

The hair from the back side has to be place din a pony tail with a hair pin and you switch it in such a manner that you mask the elastic and obtain a loop. Then you have to stretch the hair locks and place them in the back side where you should place them in a braided tail and get them in the initial loop.

You’re going to need for this situation many hairpins. The Spanish loop can be utilized in such a manner that it’s sophisticated or comfortable, very well caught or classic depending on how you want it.

Spanish loop as hairstyle 2

Also, don’t forget to use the hair spray as much as possible, you need the hair to remain fixed so that no lock should go away, especially if you have mild hair or difficult to arrange and control.

In addition, think in how many ways you’re going to be able to accessorize such a loop from the classical tiara to the headband with crystals or one made of satin. The veil can be realized in a simple manner, without fearing that you ruin the loop.