Basic rules for homemade bridal makeup

We have encountered many brides who would rather prefer to realize their bridal makeup with their own hands. No matter if you have a passion in this field or not, we’re sure that you might have a general idea in what concerns makeup, because on top of all, you’re a woman who performs a typical makeup daily.
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Don’t exaggerate and use this makeup style in the bridal day as well. You know very well what we’re speaking about: clichés! Yes, whenever you get in front of the mirror and you start realizing the makeup, you have an original idea, which ends up with the same style as usual. So, this shouldn’t happen in the big day, because you have to look special and make the difference!

basic rules for homemade bridal makeupCredit
Basic rules for homemade bridal makeup

You complexion has to look shiny and fresh and you definitely need to have a fresh air, without too many applications on. This doesn’t mean that you have to renounce to the old makeup foundation or powder.

Basic rules for homemade bridal makeupCredit
Basic rules for homemade bridal makeup

An important aspect concerning your bridal makeup is that you have to use an appropriate tone of makeup foundation, not one that is three times darker than your skin tone. Even if you would love to have some tan in the wedding photo album, this doesn’t involve an inappropriate foundation that will be observable at the level of the neck and arms, because the rest of your body will be white if you don’t take into consideration the matter of artificial bronzing.

Also, from this aspect we jump directly to the matter of the eye makeup! Yes, you have to guide yourself accordingly to your personal style and the type you choose shouldn’t have to make you look totally different from how you usually look. Make sure you emphasize your pluses and reduce your flaws or whatever defects you might have.

An important matter is to avoid in the bridal makeup tones like intense green, sparkling tones, blue or red! They are too vulgar and they don’t fit this background.

As for the lipstick, we totally recommend natural tones and avoid strong tones of prune or purple and even deep red! These are not suitable for your personal style.

So, the main thing is to respect these simple rules and you are going to see that in this manner, you are going to end up looking like the perfect bride in the big day.