Make-up for brides inspired by fairy tale characters

Have you ever thought of applying a story to your wedding? For instance, have you ever thought of looking like Cinderella or Snow White in your wedding day? For some may sound childish or silly, it could be a very interesting idea to adopt some of the styles from these characters, because they seem to be beautiful and long lasting….


Do you remember how does Snow White look in the cartoons? You can adopt her hairdo or hair color or a similar style to your wedding dress! After all, you want a fairy tale wedding, don`t you? So, apply some nice curls, which aren`t placed in a loop, in the front side leave it straight with a hair parting and let`s not forget about a red ribbon in the back side of the head that confers you a very innocent aspect!
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The make-up for which you have to apply for is very simple and exquisite in the same time: the eyes have a nice contour on the upper lid with liquid eyeliner and a little mascara and the lips are really red, with a matt lipstick! Don`t forget to enlighten your cheek bones a little bit anfd you`re ready to get married!


Sleeping Beauty is also a great idea! Leave your hair just the way it is, don`t apply a loop or any other hairdos, just place a nice tiara and you`re donewith the hair part! The next step is the make-up. Which is so simple, but it will highlight your beauty pretty much, apply for nice shadows on your cheeks and a little bit of brown on your eyelids, but not too brown! The next phase is a touch of mascara and for the lips use a shimmering gloss in natural nuances or pink! You`ll look great, believe us!

Jasmine, that cute girl has inspired decades of children, but why can`t she inspire a future bride also? Let`s begin with the hair, leave a hair parting and apply for a ice pony tail! In the upper side of the head place a nice colored ribbon and you`re done with the hair! The next step is clearly the make-up! Very natural, but as Snow White`s make-up you must highlight your lips! Apply for fade shadows in the cheek area, a fine line with liquid eyeliner on the upper lid and a powerful red lipstick on the lips, and you`re done….


Cinderella mustn’t forgotten when it comes to fairy tales! Apply for a messy loop tied up with a ribbon; the make-up consists in a shiny complexion and strong colors on the eyes and lips! Apply for a lively red-orange on the eyelids combined with shimmering yellow! The lips must look really shiny and this means you need to apply a peach gloss! And that`s all! You look like a fairy tale character and it doesn`t take complications or weird science!