Look fit in the wedding day

You have very little time left to the wedding day and the diet you were mentioning about, you didn’t even start it. Don’t panic! You’re going to be surprised what you can do in a month or two without using hunger as a method.

Even if the Hollywood stars do it, it doesn’t mean that you have to suffer of hunger as well in order to get rid of some extra pounds rapidly. It’s unhealthy and it doesn’t help you on a long term.

You’d better listen to some pieces of advice that keep you on the move and in this way you’re going to look fabulous in the big day as well.

look fit in the wedding day

Keep a diary of your daily menu. If you’re going to know all the time in what consist your meals, you’re going to be able to be sincere with you and you’re going to observe what’s good and not for you.
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Don’t keep diets! If you’re going to choose a drastic diet on a short term you’re going to loose kilos in due time, but this is going to make your metabolism work slower. This means that you’re going to burn less calories during the day.

Do sports! No matter if you’re walking to the workplace or you go out with the bicycle, every type of physical exercise is going to help you loose some kilos. If you want to, you can make your own program to the gym.

Tell this to a friend. The fact that you tell your friends or relatives about your plans means you’re aware of the actions you do. They’re going to be the ones that are going to sustain you and they’re going to lead you on the good way if you tend to go “overboard”.

look fit in the wedding day 2

Set your objectives, but make them realistic. Don’t expect to loose more than a kilo a week eating healthy and doing exercise. If you want to end up with a lower size take a month and be sincere with you.

Don’t think that eating healthy is like a diet. Diets are synonymous with depriving yourself from your usual pleasures, which is going to make you hate the idea. This is one of the reasons for which many people become depressed and they return to the old habits of eating unhealthy.

Don’t become obsessed of calories. The calories are only a way of measuring and you shouldn’t fear of them. Try not to calculate every food that you taste, because the most important thing is to eat and not to measure how many calories it has. If you’re going to choose healthy food, for sure you’re not going to be with the counter next to you.