Make-up trend 2010 – great look for your wedding day

Let’s discuss a little bit about the make-up. You know that this part is really important when it comes to your wedding day: your face needs to look perfect and you need to highlight the beautiful features of your face.

make-up trend 2010- great look for your wedding day

There are several ways in which this can be done and also let’s mention that in this spring season there are two tendencies: towards the vintage elements of the make-up or a really fresh look with a natural make-up applied on the face.
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In the lines to come we will present you some interesting models of make-up both the natural look and the glamorous one.

The first look we want to talk about is the glamorous one, in which there are taken vintage elements and you combine them with modern motifs. An interesting look is definitely that with the red lipstick on your lips, not shiny just a matte one that reflects the light in the space you’re in. the face looks kind of pale and the make-up foundation used is really light very similar to the porcelain tone.

The next feature regards the eyes. These should be really expressive and you can highlight them in the exterior corners with the help of eyeliner or fake eye lashes. Try to confer the look certain luminosity and this can be done with the help of an illuminator or even a white crayon that can be applied in the interior corner of your eyes. Also you should insist with applying mascara on the upper eyelashes and this gives your eyes a great looking aspect and you’ll look sexy, yet mysterious.

Another thing that we need to mention about is the eye color: there is a tendency towards the metallic tones of different colors; simply apply one type of eye color under the arcade line and you’ll look sexy and you’re ready!

make-up trend 2010- great look for your wedding day2

So choose any metallic color you like the most and apply a little bit of it exactly on the area that we’ve mentioned and begin spreading it. The effect will be astonishing and you can dare for strong colors like: orange, violet, blue or even red, but with that particular pattern that we’ve mentioned about. It looks both metallic and really fluid in the same time.

These eye colors can be found in different variants both powder and liquid. After all, when it comes to the make-up you’ll go to a specialist and if you tell him the style he will definitely know what it is about. Let’s remind you that this is a make-up really in trend in this spring and we believe that it is going to last for some good months.

In the next topic we’re going to present you a more natural look that’s also in trend and you may want to apply for it in your wedding day!