Choosing the right perfume

Every woman has a smell that is appropriate to her like a glove, but she also has to know where to and how to find it. It’s true that a bottle of Chanel No.5 is sold once in 30 seconds, but it matters just how fine it is for you!

The perfume should be chosen only accordingly to the smell that you appreciate the most, but accordingly to the occasion in which you decide to “wear” it.

choosing the right perfume

Like a piece of clothing, the perfume is appropriate with the rest of the outfit, with the moment of the day and with the type of event to which you decide to attend to. For a special day like the wedding day is, you have to pick a special perfume without loosing your natural touch.
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It’s very important to buy a perfume after you’ve tried it, and most of all if you’re allergic to a particular type of substance. You wouldn’t want to have an unpleasant surprise that is going to ruin your day!

In addition, the perfume has to be tested on your own skin because it’s going to produce a particular odor on the tester paper and on the skin of another person. Leave it for some seconds to get loosened, the body heat affecting its odor.

Involve your partner in picking the perfume because he’s going to recall all the time the perfume in which you said yes. You wouldn’t want this perfume to be an unpleasant one or the one that makes him think of an ex – girlfriend.

choosing the right perfume 2

In order for the smell not to last too long make sure you arrange the perfume in layers. Combine the shower gel with the body cream and with a perfume that completes in order to make sure that the perfume is not going to fade in some hours.

There’s a reason for which in general the perfume is applied on the joints. The back of the ears, the neck, the joints and the back of the knees are the areas which generate heat the most and in this way the perfume is spread on the body. This is where you have to add the drops of perfume in order to be fresh during the entire duration of the party.

Also, it has to be applied before getting dressed with the wedding dress. Some perfumes contain substances that are a little bit oily, especially those with Oriental inspiration and they can stain your wedding dress.

choosing the right perfume 3

And on some precious fabric even one drop of water can leave a horrible mark!

Don’t forget that not the quantity is important when it comes to a perfume, it’s the quality. The perfume shouldn’t be used as for the rest of the people in the room to feel you’re there! The elegance consists in discretion, this is why the other persons should feel the perfume when they approach you and not to announce your entrance through the perfume you use.