Look like Sandra Bullock or Penelope Cruz in your wedding day

In this topic we’re going to present you two examples of red carpet queens and not only one as we did in the previous topics. This article will be much more concentrated, because these two have similar make-up and wear almost the same type and model of pieces of jewelry. After all, wouldn’t you like to look in your wedding day exactly like Penelope Cruz or Sandra Bullock?!

The first example regards Sandra Bullock in this year’s Golden Globe Awards. Everybody admits that she looks just marvelous day by day and we would like to find out how she does it.

look like Sandra Bullock or Penelope Cruz in your wedding day

She wears a nonchalant loop in the right side of her head. This hairstyle is marvelous. We know it’s elegant but in the manner in which is arranged you just think that she has made it in her hands and it took her only 10 minutes, but we all know that it isn’t in this way! Her hair looks really wavy, healthy and great looking. We like the idea of an uncovered ear and the other covered, it’s an asymmetry that looks really interesting.
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We continue with her make-up: you already know the essential parts regarding the make-up foundation and a little blush, that’s the case too. The eyes are really nicely contoured maybe with the help of contour kohl. Also, there are some shades in the exterior corners of the eyes and these look lighter in the interior. Add as much mascara as you can and you may apply for fake eye lashes too. The effect should be: wow! Her lips look a little bit glossy, the color is near natural and it’s nicely glowing. Apply for a peach or a fresh tone.

The final thing we want to mention about regards the pair of long earrings she wears. You may adopt a similar pair and make sure that it’s made of stones, because hers are made of stones. And let’s not forget! The neck is left nude without any necklace or something like that.

So we shall continue with Penelope Cruz at this year’s Oscars. She is wearing a fuzzy hairstyle, a loop that doesn’t look that elaborated. All of this actress’ hair is placed on the upper back side of her head. This is a great looking hairdo and maybe you think of applying for it too.

look like Sandra Bullock or Penelope Cruz in your wedding day2

We continue with the make-up and we would like to say that the eyes are highlighted pretty much: all around them there is used the black contour kohl. There’s also the shade in the exterior side of the eyes and the lips look great too, these are contoured with crayon and look interesting.

She wears a pair of earrings, which are probably made of precious stones. These are long and look really great with a bare neck!