Natural make-up and hairdo for brides

Some women prefer to stay natural even in their wedding day. For these women we have solutions of how to highlight just a little bit their natural beauty with a small quantity of make-up and natural hairdos!


The first suggestions can be described in this way: beginning from the hair, if it`s straight, leave it just the way it is, just brush it a little bit and take some locks of hair to create two small weaves around the upper side of the head! When it comes to make-up it can be described in this way: natural make-up foundation, fade shadows in the cheek bones and apply some creamy powder on the upper eyelid, a little bit of mascara and finally, a natural lip gloss on your lips and you`re done….
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Another natural aspect is this one: a hair parting on the middle of the head and a nice voluminous loop! Let`s also mention about the very simple make-up, consisting of make-up foundation in natural nuance, a fade shadow in the cheeks and a cream eye powder and a vague touch of mascara afterwards! The lips have a natural aspect, with a pinkish nuance of lipstick!


The next suggestion consists of two tight weaves of hair that look so natural and give you a young aspect in the same time… apply make-up foundation in a natural nuance, some shades on the cheeks, brown on the upper eyelids, but a natural one, maybe matt, consitent mascara on the upper eyelashes and you`re done with the eyes! The next step regards the lips, which have a very natural aspect with the help of a pink lip gloss, in a peach nuance, not to shimmering, just shiny!

The final natural look, regards a nice loop made of weaves! It looks so natural and sexy in the same time and it can be kind of though for the stylist to realize it and you have to wait some time for him to realize it! The next step regards the make-up, natural foundation, pink powder around the eyelids, no contour kohl, plenty of mascara and you`re done with the eyes! The lips are also very important: a fresh aspect given by the fade pink nuance of the gloss and its texture(these are essential)!


If you decide on this type of look consider of adopting a dress that inspires the same look! Don`t be too hasty and apply an innocent and natural make-up and hairdo and a very sexy dress with a deep cleavage or short skirt, because all these things come from another story! For instance, try to adapt the make-up and haido to the dress and so on, because your look will be much more pleasant!