Perfect makeup for copper haired brides

Usually, the copper haired women have a very sensitive skin and many of them have freckles. Just like celebrities such as Julia Roberts and Cate Blanchet. Taking care of your complexion regularly and using adequate cosmetic products can be a real help. Here are some tricks for a makeup style that will make you look gorgeous on your wedding day.
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Do not let the energy emitted by the red hair be diminished by a wrong makeup style. Emphasize your unique features and your final bridal appearance will be astonishing. The first thing you need to know is that the shades of pink and blue should be avoided. The second important think you need to keep in mind is that for the lids and lips it is best to choose neuter colors even though shades of light brown are also appropriate.

copper haired bridal makeup

The plum or champagne shades make great choices for red haired women who are full of life. The exact palette of colors can be set only after the makeup artist has established what your type of skin is.
A neuter foundation that is very close to your natural skin tone would be the thing to go for when you are copper haired. For the blush, just go with the season and compose your palette with warm colors. They will emphasize the beauty of your copper hair.

copper haired bridal makeup 2

As for the eye shadow, again, nude is the most appropriate for an event such as the wedding day. Do not opt for dark shades as they have the tendency of making the complexion look pale. Other colors appropriate for eye shadows are beige, honey and chestnut. These tones will definitely highlight your light colored eyes.

copper haired bridal makeup 3

The eyeliner and the mascara, however, are allowed to bear darker shades. Even though the natural look is the most advisable for a copper hair bride, you do not want to look like you are not wearing any makeup at all on your wedding day. For the lips, try using lipsticks in warm tones such as terracotta, cinnamon or peach.

It is very important to choose your makeup colors wisely and mix them in such a way as to match the entire wedding attire. If you are not very sure you can complete this difficult task by yourself it is best you ask for the help of a professional who will make sure to choose the exact palette that will put you to an advantage.