Colored make-up for brides

You want to look glamorous in your wedding day! Let`s see, you already picked up your wedding dress, it`s white, your bouquet is rather dull and you didn`t want to exaggerate with your jewelry pieces?


A nice idea can be to get a nice hairdo and beside the hairdo, you can express your happiness throughout the make-up! Rather interesting! Here are some make-up suggestions for your wedding day! They are nice, colorful and not kitsch!

You can apply for a natural make-up foundation and lighten the cheek area, the arcades and the inferior side of the eyes with a shimmering product! The next step is to apply a warm nuance on your eyelids only on the upper ones and many layers of mascara on the superior eyelashes!
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Brush your eyebrows and apply also a warm nuance on them! The final step is to apply a red lipstick on your lips! And here you go, you`re ready to get married! If you applied for such a make-up, try not to put the accent on hair too much! You can have a hairdo based on straight hair!

Pink is also a variant you can apply clearly on your wedding day! Start with the make-up foundation; use a natural nuance as mentioned before! Then start with the eyes, after you`ve applied the shimmery product on the same areas! Apply an eyelid powder in a warm pink around your eyes, try to find a matte nuance and fade in the same time!


After that apply some mascara, insist on the upper eyelashes and on the lips apply a creamy and light pink lipstick that goes in concordance with the eye powder! For the hair, some curls will make you fresh and nice!

The make-up foundation is included in every male-up, so it doesn`t need to be mentioned and the shimmery product too! Start with the upper eyelids by applying a shimmery fade green powder in the interior side and a darker nuance of this green powder on the exterior side of the eye! After you`ve done this, make sure you apply a nice mascara that makes your eyelashes long, insisting on the upper eyelashes!

Apply a lighter fade green than that used on the upper lid on the inferior side of the eye and use a little mascara! Make sure that the superior part of the eyes is noticed very fine! Finish with adding matter orange red lipstick and the make-up is done! You can apply for a nice loop for this type of make-up in order to show the beautiful parts of the face!

You can also apply for a light blue eye crayon, a little bit shimmery and the green mentioned firstly in the example above! The next step regards the mascara, which is applied in double layer in the upper side of the eye! You can finally apply for a pink red lipstick with a glossy touch!


As a bride, you don`t need to go in a certain pattern, so you must try to use your own ideas as much as you can and in the fields you feel sure on yourself! Using a touch of color in your entire gown isn`t a bad thing at all!