Classic beauty for the wedding day

The classic beauty is eternal and in most of the cases you try in the wedding day classic images in order to confer a plus of refinement and elegance to the personal look. This is why, like in the case of the wedding dresses, we try to find our inspiration from the Hollywood stars, in most of the cases the last generation of stars, but in most of the cases you get your inspiration from the in international celebrities.
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For this topic we thought it would be a really great thing to find some interesting points in the makeup of the most important stars and see how you can borrow their look.

First of all, there’s the beauty icon that we all love and she’s named Marilyn Monroe. You can be a daring bride, a sexy one with short hair and this thing is proven by this star we all know pretty well – a simple look, but extremely sophisticated and really elegant. You only have to dye your brows pretty well, use a scarlet rose tone on the lips and don’t forget of the fake mole!

Audrey Hepburn is another classic beauty and we’ve chosen this different look because we know pretty well that some of you love the idea of wearing a hat in the big day. The accent has to fall on the eyes, which are usually contoured with black – if it seems to powerful to you, you can relate on light tones of grey or brown. The lips are colored in nude tones….

Elizabeth Taylor is another classic beauty; it would be a real pity to forget her! If you don’t have such an intense blue tone of the iris like the ones of this actress, then you can take into account colored contact lenses. Even if you don’t use lenses, don’t forget to emphasize the brows with a black crayon and use brown and orange tones of lipstick.

You can be as sexy as Brigitte Bardot with a makeup type that can emphasize your eyes and your lips, and even the messy hairstyle. You have to take care of the lips and make sure that you use the appropriate color of lipstick and the contour seems to be the key thing in this makeup style.

Princess Grace Kelly is very well known for her elegance. Fortunately for you, her look is really simple, but creates a certain impact. You have to make sure that your skin looks exactly like porcelain; the only touch of color is the lipstick, which is red.

The last classic beauty that we want to mention about is Grace Kelly! Perfect for the tanned skin of Sophia Loren is the red lipstick, which is a must have when you want to create the iconic image.

A perfect complexion and well contoured eyebrows…. Here are some other details.