Look like Kate Hudson in your wedding day

The next example we want to present to you when it comes to Hollywood looks is Kate Hudson’s appearance at the Golden Globe Awards this year. She looked refined and was admired for her great looking gown. But this isn’t what interests us, it’s the fact that she had an amazing look with all that means hairdo and make-up and we want to share it with you and maybe you think of applying it in your wedding day.

look like Kate Hudson in your wedding day

We start with the hair style aspect. She applied for a nice looking loop in the back, but the front side is what interests us the most because it looks great and not too elaborated in the same time. She has a puffed area that makes the entire hairdo look amazing. The right ear is uncovered and the left one is covered in such a natural way, it looks as if it was just blown by the wind. Also let’s mention that all of the hair is placed on her back side of the head, there isn’t also a hair parting which is a marvelous thing. The hair covers a little bit of the left side of her face….
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All in all, it’s a great hair style and we appreciate the way it is realized. When it comes to hair color it looks very natural and shiny. There is a slick combination of warm colors, like light brown and blond, and the roots look more intense than the rest of the hair.

When it comes to the pieces of jewelry used there are only a pair of great looking earrings, which are long and are composed of numerous strings with tiny pearls. The upper side of these earrings, which recollect the pearls, is made from silvery material. So there’s no necklace involved, only earrings, because these are oversized and it’s enough. You can adopt a deux piece made of some glittery earrings and a fine necklace, which looks simple and not so elaborated.

look like Kate Hudson in your wedding day2

You have the advantage of a hairdo that reveals your face very much and your neck area too…. So you can get advantage of this thing.

We continue with the make-up part. When it comes to the make-up we need to say that the cheeks should be highlighted and we feel like continuing with the eyes. The eyes have natural shades underneath the arcade and these are contoured pretty much. With the help of black and liquid eyeliner contour your eyes and go until the interior side of the eyes, towards the nose. Also there is needed a great amount of mascara in order to highlight the eyelashes, but you can also apply for some great looking fake eyelashes, black and really great looking.

Lips are very important apply for a shiny almost natural color of lipstick or lip gloss. Make sure that these don’t look too glossy! These need to look just shiny a little bit and you’re done. You’ve obtained a really great looking make-up similar to that of a Hollywood star!