The bride’s make-up according to the hair color

There are just some days before the big day, and you`re just expecting to wear that dress, wear your shoes, jewelry and toss the wedding bouquet! Did you consider the make-up? Well, of course you did it! But if you have some doubts regarding it, here are some suggestions, and it`s sure you took care of all the details, but you may want to read the lines that come….


You may take into consideration, before choosing some kind of make-up, you hair color. It is important to know, that every make-up you apply on your face should fit to the eye color, and hair color…. Maybe some of you may have already applied for a make-up artist, but for those that want to do their make-up at home, here are some hints:

If your hair is bright brown, hazel, then you won`t fail with using pastel colors; you may choose a pink powder on the eyes and the same nuance for your lips, and don`t forget about the nude blush with a little glitter that highlights your cheek bones. Pay attention to the mascara and the contour kohl, it is better to apply for brown nuances of these products, because it imposes the soft color of the entire make-up!

Are you a brunette? For a brunette it is good to apply a nude make-up that highlights the lips with a very red nuance of lipstick! In this case, you must choose the nuance of red that suits you the most, and if your lips are thin don`t forget to apply a transparent gloss after you had applied the lipstick!


If you have blonde hair, then pay attention when you read! Is your blond a golden one? Then make sure you apply colors that come from the same range of that of the hair! Golden powder, auto-tanning pearls and a lipstick in the same nuances; this combination will make you look glamorous! Don`t forget about your eyebrows, contour them in a brown nuance, as natural as you can and give them a nice shape, to underline the make-up chosen for the eyes!

You want a natural make-up? If you don`t like make-up very much, nor dyed your hair, well, try using the nude model… it will suit your perfectly! Try a little foundation, some mascara, blush and gloss… and there you go! You can go in front of the altar!

If you`re not convinced yet, you may try this model of make-up! It suits all types of eyes, and hair colors; it`s glamour, sensual and very natural, you certainly won`t look outrageous! The shimmering nuances have always been preferred by make-up artists! These nuances seem to highlight the beauty and the feminine side of each bride!


So, you may want to try all the variants proposed above, and see what suits you more! Ask your friends to do the make-uo for you, or you can do it by your own! Ask their advice and go for it!