Curly hairstyles for your wedding day

Many of you don’t exactly know what kind of hairstyle to apply in their wedding day and for those who feel really confused we have some suggestions, as usual…. This time we will going to speak about waves and curls in your hair and we’re sure that you feel tempted to apply for this kind of hairdo.

curly hairstyles for your wedding day

In the first example we would like to illustrate a nice looking hairstyle for your wedding day that doesn’t look that elaborated. Here’s how you should do it: take some curlers and put them in your hair making sure that the upper side of your hair remains straight. In the next phase you won’t apply for any hair pins, leave the hair curled on your back and on the upper side of your head you will have a puffed area where you can attach the dress’ veil- if you have one, if not you may put a nice looking flower there.
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The next hairstyle we propose for your wedding day consists also of nice waves. You can adopt a straight hair in the front side of your head together with hair parting on the middle or maybe on one side, the next thing we want to add about this hairdo regards the pony tail that consists of nice curls and waves that unite into create a wonderful lock of hair.

curly hairstyles for your wedding day2

Another interesting hairstyle that you can apply for is realized kind of difficult but it also looks great in the same time. You can observe a certain asymmetry in the front side of the head where’s also a hair parting and in the back side you can observe-on one side of the head- a simple loop made of curls that will confer you a really natural aspect, yet refined in the same time.

curly hairstyles for your wedding day3

Let’s continue with a loop that’s made entirely of curls and waves. In the front side the hair is maintained straight and you can observe just how it is perfectly brushed and there aren’t created any irregularities. The waves in the back side look perfectly made, in perfect circles and with beautiful hairpins applied here and there.

curly hairstyles for your wedding day4

Curls, curls and curls again! If you’re more into the modern look this kind of hairstyle will definitely please your eyes in the first minute you’ll see the picture. How about some nice curls, really playful arranged in the two sides of the head, like two pony tails and really voluminous in the same time. In the front side you can have a thick bang and it comes to complete the entire contemporary image of the modern bride. Let’s not forget about a small veil, arranged in a really interesting manner on one side of the head as to uncover your face more than enough. If you don’t like the idea of an „intense” bang” on your forehead then you would probably like to leave your face uncovered and it will definitely look great you can be sure of that!

curly hairstyles for your wedding day5

If the models presented above didn’t please you trhen those in the future topic most certainly will! Be sure that you will look great in your wedding day if you apply for this kind of style in your hair and you need to keep on browsing in order to find the appropriate style for you!